Chapter One :Chapter 1

It was winter, the 23rd year of the Great Honor in Shu State.

The sky of the 12th lunar month was frozen. Outside the window, snowflakes were falling brightly. The cold wind poured into his collar and pierced his heart and bones.

Ji Ji was obsessed with the snow outside the window. The mottled windows had long lost the effect of riding the wind. The cold breath entered her eyes, but she did not cry. She... was already a person who could not cry.

For twenty years in the cold palace, all the love and hatred had long been like a big hole in the chest, empty.

The sound of firecrackers rose in the distance. She knew that it was in the direction of Fengxiang Palace, where the palace lived. She used to live there, but... she only lived there for three years, no, less than three years...

She was the daughter of a concubine from Duke Zhenguo's Ji Cheng, but she was a mistress. When she was three years old, her mother died of illness, and her father could not bring her back to her own family. The First Madam, Mdm Qin, came up with an idea and entrusted her to a distant relative of the Qin family. The relative was also surnamed Qin, and she belonged to a distant family of the Qin family. In order to curry favor with Mdm Qin, the family treated her as a servant girl and often beat and scolded her. She suffered all year round.

When she was 15 years old, Old Grandma died of illness. Before she died, she asked all her grandchildren to go back. Fortunately, she was taken back. It was the first time she stepped into that house. She saw a house made of gold and jade, a group of maids, many well-dressed maids, and a fairy-like second sister.

One of them was smiling like a flower, and his eyes and brows were like a painting. The other was as old as grass.

When they met for the first time, Ji Zhen's eyes flickered and she smiled gently and kindly like a fairy. "This must be my fifth sister. She looks so good."

At that time, she lowered her eyes and blushed. She didn't expect that the word "good-looking" would become a ghost that followed her for the rest of her life. From that time on, she began to be destroyed by them step by step.

When she saw the ugly scar on her forehead, which was as long as a finger and could never be wiped away, and when she had to marry the Fifth Prince, who had become a nobody because of her mother's rebellion, she knew what fate had done to her.

At the age of sixteen, he was injured and married. It was said that Prince Nannan and his daughter were a match made in heaven, but she knew that his husband was not an ordinary person. He was handsome, handsome, and had a deep heart. Even if his mother's tribe betrayed him and he was ridiculed by the prince, he was still proud and upright.

In the next four years, she assisted him wholeheartedly, helped him rebel against the Crown Prince, helped him eliminate the evils, and recruited troops with him. She bewitched the victims and suppressed them. In the end, he was finally satisfied. He became the emperor, and she became the empress who was second only to him and was above all others.


After that, she was pregnant, but due to his negligence, she fell into the womb and became pregnant for the rest of her life. Therefore, he used the charge of her not protecting the baby well and hurting the crown prince. He disabled her and threw her into the cold palace.

She had been thrown into the cold palace for three whole days. She cried and howled day and night. She did not believe that her husband, who had treated her with tenderness and affection, would be so cruel. She believed that there must be some misunderstanding. As long as he explained, she would believe it.

But in the next month, she never saw him again. Until the second month, when she saw firecrackers outside the window, she was full of joy. Only then did she know that he had married a new empress... In the second month after she was crippled, that man had given her wealth, glory, and honor, which were originally hers, to another woman. And that woman was the gentle and kind Second Sister, Ji Beihua...

In less than an hour after entering the Cold Palace, the new emperor drew a painting to see the ruined Ji Qin. After entering the room, the new emperor screamed. When the palace maids and eunuchs rushed in, what they saw was that the crazy-looking Ji Qin was pinching the new emperor's neck. Her face was ferocious, and there were even bloody holes on her head, which made her scarred cheek look like a devil from hell.

Then, the man came to her...

"Ji Xin, I was thinking about you and your wife. I didn't want to hurt you, but you dared to do that to me. I came to visit you when you were in the Cold Palace. She was kind-hearted, but she was scared by your cruelty and viciousness and almost lost her life."

This man had never come to see her in the cold palace for a whole year. But now, he couldn't wait to come to her to question her for the sake of his favorite flesh.

Ji Zhen really wanted to laugh. Who had scared and almost lost her life? After the palace maids and eunuchs who rushed in that day pulled her away, they gave her a good beating and internal injuries. Now she was really dying.

"Si Cangyu, tell her your conscience. What is she doing here? Ask her what she said to me!" She lay on the bed with a sad smile.

However, the indifferent man suddenly became furious. He slapped her in the face, and blood came out of the corner of her mouth. "How dare you! What do you mean by you? She is the empress, my wife. She is noble and indifferent to family affection. She is so desperate to beg for mercy for you and beg me not to hurt you. Look how good your sister is to you, but how can you treat her? Only a vicious and cruel woman like you can hurt her."

"I hurt her?" In a fit of anger, she took a deep breath and almost shouted out, "Si Cangyu, are you looking at me like that? You and I have been married for eight years and we have helped you all the way. In the battle of the wild mountain, you and I were lost in the bottom of the cliff. I left all the food to you. For three whole days, I drank water for a few days and still wanted to find a way out for you. After that, the Crown Prince was forced to enter the palace by me. It was I who persuaded Commander Du to cooperate with you, framed the Crown Prince, and took the credit in front of you. The Sixth Prince found Miao Man to curse you. The vermin in your body was the one I had been poisoned for 36 days in a row. I fed you with my blood every day and sent the vermin to me. For four consecutive years, I endured the tearing of the vermin every day, and my internal organs were almost broken. I have done so much for you and devoted myself to it, but you said that I was vicious and cruel? If I were insidious, you would have died several times, and your bones and blood would have been reduced to ashes..."

Before she could finish her words, she was slapped again. She was completely knocked off the bed, but he kicked her hard in the chest with a cold and sharp face. "Bitch, do you mean that my success today is due to you? You? You are just a daughter of a concubine. How can you do that?"

Ji Ji was stunned. He was extremely shocked by his words.

What did he mean?

Staring at the man's cold and cruel expression, Ji Ji suddenly realized something. "So that's how it is. It turns out to be like this... All birds bow their bows. When the world in the world returns, I have to get rid of her haze and tell the world that he is a monarch of a country who can govern the country and is wise and powerful, not a coward who can survive several times by relying on his wife. So now, he is going to... kill me and get rid of me?"

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