Chapter One :Chapter 1

The Ye Clan, Doomsday Town, the Eight Wilds Continent!

A young man suddenly sat up with a ferocious face and growled in a low voice,

"Wolf Thirteen, I treat you like my own brother. My love is stronger than gold, but you regard it as dirt!"

"And you, Luo Ling! I am infatuated with you, but you treat me as a passer-by? What a vicious heart!"

The young man's name was Ye Qingyun, and he was thin. He used to look delicate and pretty, but now he looked like a devil.

After a long time, he glanced around and was stunned on the spot!

There was an antique room, a round table made of wood, and a silver candle.

Countless fragments of pain were imprinted in Ye Qingyun's mind like a puzzle. However, what appeared on his face was not pain, but joy. He laughed loudly and said, "Haha! I didn't expect that I, Ye Qingyun, would be reborn!"

He, Ye Qingyun, used to be a God of War!

A hundred years ago, he had established the State of War in the Demigod Realm! He had led millions of warriors from the Kingdom of War to conquer the Yellow God Fortress! He had almost conquered the entire territory of the Demigod Realm, but he had unexpectedly been betrayed by his brother, Wolf Thirteen, and his lover, Luo Ling. Just as his cultivation technique was about to break through, Wolf Thirteen had given him a fatal blow from behind, the Fallen Yellow God Fortress!

Heaven's Eyes opened, allowing him to be reborn a hundred years later!

In this life, he would definitely seek justice from the entire God Realm. He would definitely kill all those who betrayed him!

"What kind of body is that? Such trash? Do you think I was invincible before my rebirth? I didn't expect to be reborn into such a good-for-nothing!" Ye Qingyun checked her body and her expression changed slightly.

The owner of this body was also called Ye Qingyun, the legitimate son of the Ye Family in Doomsday Town!

Logically speaking, as the legitimate son, no matter how poor his physique was, it should not be much worse. However, this body was simply too bad!

Quite a few of their muscles and veins broke apart, unable to absorb the spiritual essence of heaven and earth!

"Your tendons and vessels are broken?" Ye Qingyun's expression changed once again. Her eyes shone brightly as a scene from three years ago appeared in her mind!

Three years ago, Ye Qingyun was still the great genius of the Ye Clan. She was an independent Golden Chicken and her cultivation had long reached the ninth level of the Body Tempering stage. She was only one step away from awakening her Martial Soul! However, she didn't expect that this time, he would enter the midst of doomsday and be ambushed. His muscles and meridians were broken and his cultivation dropped straight to the sixth level of the Body Tempering stage! If it wasn't for the Ye Family's housekeeper Pang Huai's hurried arrival, Ye Qingyun would have died a long time ago.

Since then, Ye Qingyun had begun to give up on herself!

In order to help him reorganize his muscles and veins, his father regained his confidence. Ignoring the persuasion of his family, he left the Ye family and wanted to open the whole continent to find the antidote. Until now, he was still unknown. Many people in the Ye family thought that he was dead!

As for Ye Qingyun's mother, she had gone missing since he was born.

Yesterday, his cousin, Ye Tian, insulted his parents. He couldn't bear it and resisted on the spot. In the end, he was beaten half to death by Ye Tian with low cultivation! This gave the God of War, Ye Qingyun, a chance to be reborn!

"Hmm? The heart of the Ten Demons?" Ye Tian continued to look inside his body. When he found the black heart, his face suddenly changed.

In his previous life, the reason why he was able to become a mighty War God was because of the Ten Demons' Heart!

Unexpectedly, in this life, the heart of the Ten Demons was reborn along with him! Moreover, he also vaguely found that the heart of the Ten Demons was somewhat different from that of his previous life!

At this moment, the heart of the Ten Demons was emitting a gentle power. Under this kind of power, Ye Qingyun was pleasantly surprised to find that the broken tendons and vessels in her body were actually being reorganized!

"The tendons and vessels are reorganized? That's great!" There was undisguised excitement on Ye Qingyun's face. He quickly pinched the cultivation method, and in the blink of an eye, the broken tendons and veins in his body were rapidly reorganized!

On the land of the Eight Wastelands, cultivation techniques and martial arts techniques were divided into eight levels: Saint, Emperor, King, Heaven, Earth, Xuan, Huang, and Human! Each level was divided into three levels: upper, middle, and lower!

At this moment, the cultivation technique that Ye Qingyun was using was called the Ten Demons Skill! It was a cultivation technique that Ye Qingyun majored in in her past life. Its quality would increase as Ye Qingyun's cultivation increased! In her past life, Ye Qingyun had used a cultivation technique along with the heart of the Ten Demons to become a frightening War God!

According to Ye Qingyun's current cultivation, the quality of the Ten Demons Skill was now at the middle level of the Profound-stage! It didn't seem to be high, but in the entire Doomsday Town, such a skill was like a god!


Soon, a ray of light flashed through Ye Qingyun's eyes, and a powerful aura suddenly emanated from his body!

His cultivation, which had never broken through, had also reached the seventh level of the Body Tempering stage at this moment!

Now, Ye Qingyun's eyes were shining with confidence even more than three years ago!

"Brother, you're finally awake!" Suddenly, an ecstatic sound of nature could be heard.

When the door was pushed open, a beautiful figure suddenly appeared in front of him.

Her pretty face was full of undisguised excitement. Her smart eyes were full of crystal tears, and her eyelashes were trembling slightly.

Through the memory of this body, Ye Qingyun knew that the extremely sweet-looking girl in front of her was called Ye Rou. She was the girl that her father picked up in the Doomsday Forest 10 years ago.

Ye Qingyun still remembered that when she was young, Ye Rou followed him like a follower and pestered him.

They had a good relationship!

At this moment, when Ye Qingyun saw her sister, she couldn't help but smile. However, when she suddenly saw the latter's swollen left face, her expression immediately changed. Her voice was a little vigorous and full of momentum. She immediately asked, "Ring'er, why is your face swollen?"

Ye Rou was startled by Ye Qingyun's imposing manner. Tears streamed down her face. "Brother, I saw that you were seriously injured, so I went to the Medicine Hall to find your Life Pills. But the butler didn't give you the pills, and..."

"You even slapped your face?" Ye Qingyun's eyes suddenly became sharp. Looking at the swollen left side of her sister's face, he was extremely sad. Although he had been reborn, his feelings for Ye Rou increased when he integrated with the soul of this body!

Besides, Ye Rou could do this because she wanted to save him!

The butler of the medicine hall was called Li Kai, who was also Ye Tian's henchman. He had always been arrogant and didn't take Ye Qingyun and Ye Rou seriously at all!

Three years ago, this old dog didn't even dare to breathe heavily in the face of Ye Qingyun and her sister. However, ever since Ye Qingyun had abandoned herself and her father had left the Ye family, this old dog had become unreasonable and arrogant!

It could be said that although Ye Qingyun had the status of a legitimate son, she did not have the power of a legitimate son!

To put it bluntly, he was not strong enough!

This land was divided into two kinds of martial disciples and martial artists. Those who could awaken their Martial Souls were called martial artists!

Martial disciples were only at the Body Tempering stage. This realm was divided into nine levels! If a martial disciple wanted to become a martial artist, he needed to raise his cultivation to the ninth level of the Body Tempering stage before awakening his Martial Soul!

If he awakened his Martial Soul, he would have a heaven-defying chance to change his life. He would continue to study and step into the road of being an expert!

After the ninth level of the Body Tempering stage, one would enter the Spirit Transformation Realm, the Violent Transforming Realm, and the Yin Void Realm! Each realm was divided into nine levels!

In the entire Doomsday Town, there were no more than five experts in the Yin Void Realm!

As for whether there was a higher realm after the Yin Void Realm?


In her previous life, Ye Qingyun was only 20 years old. Her cultivation had long surpassed the Yin Void Realm and reached the ninth level of the Apotheosis Realm. She was only a hair away from breaking through the cocoon and becoming a butterfly!

In this life, he was reborn in a young man's body. This body had the opportunity to awaken its Martial Soul three years ago and become a peerless genius who looked down on all living things. However, such a thing had happened. It was really sad!

Now, not only did Ye Tian want to bully the siblings, but even the lowly Ye family servant wanted to bully them! This was intolerable to Ye Qingyun!

"Brother! Let's stop fighting them! We can't beat them! Brother, listen to me! Father doesn't want anything to happen to you, does he?" Beside him, before Ye Rou could finish her words, an extremely arrogant voice came from outside the door.

"Ye Rou, come out! I know you stole the Life Recovery Pill and gave it to your sickly brother!"

As his voice fell, the next moment, with a loud bang, the front door was broken, and wood chips flew in all directions.

Several figures appeared.

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