Chapter One :Chapter 1

[Bring condoms to room 419 of Miko Hotel. I forgot to take that.]

The crisp beep of a text message alert woke Kaitlynn Ninosca from her slumber. It was from her husband, Chace Devin.

It was midnight, but her husband wasn’t at home. He must be at the hotel with his lover.

Kaitlynn got up and hurried to the hotel. She got used to that.

She has been married to her husband for more than a year, but she was still a virgin. Her husband had no interest in her at all. He took her as a condom-deliverer, rather than a wife.

Kaitlynn let out a bitter laugh. Was there anyone more cowardly than a wife like her? She clenched her hand, anger surging within her.

"Beep—" Another text.

[You have 15 minutes.]

She let out a sigh, making up her mind.

She opened the bedroom door as silently as she could, making sure to stay extra quiet as she passed her in-law's bedroom.

She went downstairs to her car, driving straight to the hotel.

Calm down, swallow her grievance, and endure. That was how she lived her life after marriage.

But that day she'd had it enough.

Her knuckles turned white as her grip tightened on the steering wheel. The streetlights illuminated her snow-white face, her lips pressed tightly together, creating a stark contrast to her beautiful features beneath the moonless night.

She decided to confront Chace, and question him just why he did all this to her!


Standing at the door of the hotel room, Kaitlynn took a deep, calming breath, and knocked.

Faint laughter floated to her from inside the room…

A moment later, the door opened, revealing a bare-chested man leaning against the wall, his gaze filled with lust. His eyes lit up as he gave her a once-over, the corners of his mouth raised.

He said with a smirk, "Send condoms again? Thank you! By the way, are you interested in joining…"

He reached out toward her chest, but she slammed the box she held against him, glaring up at him.

He backed off, stunned by her hostility, then snatched the box out of her hand and pulled out a condom, waving it in her face like a trophy as he pushed the box into her chest.

Kaitlynn chuckled coldly, disgust washing through her. "Tell him this is the last time I'm doing this."

She turned to leave, but paused when a voice came from the room. It was Chace.

He was completely different from his usual façade. "What's with the holdup, babe?"

The man that answered the door glanced at Kaitlynn. "I was being ordered around by that wife of yours," he said mockingly.

Chace's expression darkened, and he marched over to the door. "You asking for trouble?" he said in a more aggressive tone. "F*ck off!"

Kaitlynn opened her mouth, but before she could speak, Chace grabbed a handful of condoms from the box. "What are you staring at?!" he snapped. "I said get lost!"


Before she could finish her sentence, he shoved her, hard, causing her to lose her balance. Her eyes widened as she fell backwards, her arms reaching out to grab at something, anything to break her fall, but the only thing she saw was the man's mocking smirk and Chace's cold gaze.


The door slammed shut as she landed on her back. The box had broken by the force of impact, and its bright pink contents spilt all over the floor.

She hissed in pain as she sat back up, but before she could clean up the mess of condoms around her, a door opened behind her.

"Call girl?" A magnetic voice rang out behind her.

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