Chapter One :Chapter 1

In ancient China, the forbidden land of mercenaries and killers, many forces were frightened.

Ning Hai City, the southern coastal city of China, was rich in economy. It was one of the most important open cities in China. There were all kinds of business tycoons and underground forces.

On the crowded street, the night was cold and gloomy, and the messy hair was messy. His face was covered with stains, and his eyes were filled with endless loneliness and loneliness. He was dressed in ragged clothes.

Since half a month ago, Ye Han destroyed the organization—the organization of gods. But the hatred in his heart was gone. He just wanted to go back to his hometown to see the place where he lived when he was a child.

"Eight o'clock, since there's a sniper?" Ye Han's eyes saw a killer lurking on the building in the direction of eight o'clock.

Ye Han quickly calculated in his mind and immediately confirmed the sniper's sniping position. It was on the road beside him, but he didn't know who would be honored to be taken care of by the Barrett M95 in Huaxia.

"I didn't expect that the female president of a company asked me, the Red Spider, to come to the barbarian Huaxia." The western man with a gun was full of disdain for Huaxia.

"Creak, don't be careless. All we need to do is complete the mission!" A voice sounded from the man's headset.

"Hehe..." The killer still laughed disdainfully. The sniper rifle swept through the sniping range. As long as the target appeared, the Vulture would definitely be able to kill it with a single shot.

Just as Ye Han was about to take a step, he saw a Maserati slowly open in the distance with sharp eyes. There were three bodyguards sitting in the car. Each of them looked nervous and a little uneasy.

In addition to the three bodyguards, there was also a beautiful woman sitting there. Her beautiful face was also full of worry, and her hands were clenched together.

As the current president of the Mu's Group, Mu Qingcheng held a part of the shares left by her grandfather, but a part of the shares were in the hands of several other shareholders.

This shareholder named Chen Wanli was not convinced by Mu Qingcheng's capable president, so he had an idea of taking over the Mu's Group.

Not long ago, he wanted to seize the shares in Mu Qingcheng's hands, but he was rejected by Mu Qingcheng, so he joined hands with the other two major shareholders to oppress Mu Qingcheng and force her to hand over the shares in her hands.

The reason why Mu Qingcheng was qualified to be the president was that she had some skill and wisdom. She was stubborn and would never compromise.

Chen Wanli, who was crazy, used a large amount of money to hire a killer organization in the Middle East—Red Spider. As long as he killed Mu Qingcheng, he could firmly hold the Mu Group in his hands with his shares.

"President, don't worry. We will definitely protect you." A bodyguard looked at Mu Qingcheng's amazing face and patted his chest to promise.

Mu Qingcheng ignored him and looked at the note in her hand with her beautiful eyes. It read:

I can't live past 12 o'clock in the afternoon!

Red Spider

As a killer organization in the Middle East, even in the whole of Asia, the "Red Spider" was a certain position in the Dark World.

Mu Qingcheng was also clear about the information about the red spider. She did what she said. She would never tolerate or hold back, let alone let go of the target easily. It was the purpose of the killer organization that she would not stop until the target was killed.

Ye Han glanced at the car and recalled the location of the sniper just now. Then he understood that the person the killer wanted to kill was the person on the car.

"The target has appeared!" Seeing that the Maserati had appeared in the shooting range, the killer showed a cruel smile as if he had chosen the target.

He aimed at the glass window of the Maserati with the aiming lens. As long as he pulled the trigger lightly, the task would be completed.


The killer decisively pulled the trigger. The bullet broke through the air and pierced through the glass, instantly killing the bodyguard sitting beside Mu Qingcheng.

The bodyguards didn't even know that they would die so early. They had just promised Mu Qingcheng that they would definitely protect her.

But now she was so vulnerable that she died in front of her. Wasn't it a slap in her face? The bodyguards had no chance to think about this anymore. Their eyes scattered and they announced their death.

Mu Qingcheng's mind went blank and she didn't know what to do.


The Maserati pulled up and parked the car on the side of the road. The bodyguard in the passenger seat opened the door and went out. He took out his pistol and scared away all the people around him.

Mu Qingcheng also left the car and hid behind the car. Her beautiful face was full of uneasiness and panic.

"Damn it, the target was not killed!" The killer cursed and aimed at the driver's seat again. He pulled the trigger and fired again. The bodyguard in the driver's seat did not escape and was shot dead.

The last bodyguard left was scared to death when he heard that his two companions were dead. He no longer worried about Mu Qingcheng and ran in another direction.

However, he was also shot dead by the killer and fell to the ground, unwilling to give up.

"Hehe, little fish and shrimps, you still want to run?" The killer laughed bloodthirstyly.

"Break, come back as soon as you finish the task. The police are already near the place where you are." The headset came out a reminder.

"I understand." Lone Wolf did not care. He was very disdainful of the Chinese police. He could kill as many as he wanted.

Mu Qingcheng trembled and hid beside the car, watching her bodyguards who were protecting her die because of her. Even if they were all hired, they were still lives.

There was no one on the street because of the gunfire, only Ye Han was still walking slowly. For him, no one in the world could kill him.

Seeing Mu Qingcheng hiding beside the car in front of him, Ye Han just looked at her coldly. But the next second, the night changed.

When Mu Qingcheng saw the gloomy night, she waved her hand and shouted,

"Run, it's very dangerous here. Let's go!" Mu Qingcheng tried her best to call the night to retreat. Seeing Ye Han's silly look, Mu Qingcheng became anxious.

Ye Han stopped and heard the sound of bullets shooting through the air from the building. He was sure that the bullet was going to blow up the Maserati's gas pedal, so that the car would explode and achieve its purpose.


The Maserati behind Mu Qingcheng exploded. Death enveloped her heart. In the end, she could not escape death. She closed her beautiful eyes in despair.

But a warm hug was holding her, and her body was moving quickly. When she opened her eyes again, she was already in an alley.


Mu Qingcheng felt that her Full Holy Virgin Peak was hit by a human head, and her whole body seemed to be stimulated by an electric current.

She wanted to push him away, but when she saw Ye Han's face, her beautiful eyes were full of disbelief. Wasn't this man the one who was dizzy just now?

When he saw the burnt clothes behind the curtain of night, he was sure that it was this person who pulled him back from the gate of hell at the most critical moment.

Ye Han had not eaten for a long time, so he was extremely weak. In the end, in order to save Mu Qingcheng, he used his last strength and no longer had the ability to support himself. He fell into Mu Qingcheng's arms.

"To be continued... This is my first time writing, as if there is a rough place. Seniors, please forgive me."

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