Chapter One :Chapter 1

"War King, there must be you in the northwest!"

"Once the news of you leaving the Northwest region spreads, the six countries in the Northwest region will be in turmoil!"

Leaning against the back seat of the off-road vehicle, Di Tian Jun closed his eyes and thought quietly. Listening to the report of the strong man in a black suit in front of him, he said calmly, "As the Northwest War King, I, Di Tian Jun, will guard the northern mountains and rivers of Xia and the northwest for 13 years."

"During the guarding period, there was no man-made person in the six states. They had fought in the military for 13 years and made countless military achievements. I am worthy of this country, but are these people under my protection worthy of me?"

"Today, when I return, I will make you pay with your blood!"

Di Tian Jun suddenly opened his eyes and looked at the Royal Hotel across the road, with endless killing intent and hatred in his eyes.

Three years ago, Di Tian Jun had just been promoted to a higher position. He was busy with national affairs. The six states in the northwest border were in war. Di Tian Jun commanded thousands of troops alone and fought against the eight supreme beings of the enemy. When he returned with scars and glory, he learned that his father was forced to death by his enemy.

At that moment, even a War King as resolute and strong-willed as Di Tian Jun was leaning against the stone tablet at the northwest border and drinking all night, with tears streaming down his face.

At that time, there had to be a War King in the northwest. He only had one day to go back and forth at home and received a letter written by his father when he was alive. There were only two requirements. First, he had to marry a girl, and second, he couldn't do anything to the Di family.

In order to fulfill his father's last wish, Di Tian Jun and Han Huaxue left after their wedding. After that, they left for three years.

Three years later, Di Tianjun broke through and became the Dragon Emperor!

With the word "dragon", there were only three people in the whole country of Xia. Each of them guarded a territory and had the power to overthrow the whole country!

This unprecedented military rank in the Xia Kingdom was only prepared for the War King. This was a supreme glory!

"Fighting King, you're just a bastard from South City. We can kill you with our own hands. There's no need for you to do it yourself."

Hua Di was the name of the huge man in front of him. He was the most loyal subordinate of Di Tian Jun. He glanced at the burly and imposing man in front of him and sighed. Tonight, South City would not be peaceful.

Did they know what kind of existence they had offended and what kind of unimaginable revenge they would suffer?

The War King of Cathaysian State came back in person. He was the man who carried the "Emperor" rule and protected his country for thousands of miles. He was given the "Blessed iron blood" by the country and was honored.

With only one sentence, his current status was enough to make the Southern City turbulent in an instant. Blood flowed like a river, but he insisted on seeing the Bai family in person.

"It concerns my biological father's life. I should do it myself and make my father's people pay with blood."

"If it weren't for the fact that the war in the northwest hadn't settled back then, I would have definitely killed the Bai clan three years ago. I will go and take a look and see just what qualifications the Bai clan has to stand on this South City and act in such a lawless manner!"

"I'll follow you!" Hua Di bowed on the spot.

Di Tianjun took off his coat and threw it in Hua Di's arms. He walked into the Royal Hotel in a square shirt. He was burly and tall. His momentum was as strong as thunder. It seemed that he had been in a high position for a long time.

Hua put Di Tian Jun's coat on his arm and followed him. Tonight, he would be the first to kill anyone who dared to offend Wang Bugui.

Tonight was the 80th birthday of the respected Old Master of the Bai family in South City. All the first-tier families in South City attended the banquet and gave generous gifts, but the Di family did not have the qualification.

The Di family was carried forward in the hands of Di Tian Jun's father. After being forced to death by the Bai family, the inheritance fell into the hands of his grandfather. From this moment on, he could only become a second-tier family.

Although Di Tian Jun's father thought of the past and was determined not to hurt the Di family, he would definitely go back to the Di family to take back what his father had created after he finished his revenge.

As soon as Di Tian Jun opened the door of the hotel, he heard the emcee's voice coming from inside.

"The Sun family wishes Old Master Bai the sun, the moon, and the moon. Pines and cranes will bloom. We will send a thousand-year-old mountain of silver!"

"The Zhao family wishes the old man a long life and a happy life. They will give him a 100-year-old wild ginseng!"

"The Shen family wishes the old man a long life, a rich man, and a blue and white porcelain!"

Before the emcee's meeting was over, the door of the hotel was suddenly opened. A beam of light came in and disturbed everyone. Di Tianjun appeared in front of everyone. He stood tall and straight, looking at each other coldly.

Di Tian Jun stood where he was, and the temperature in the hall suddenly dropped.

This was Di Tian Jun's killing intent, which he brought back from the battlefield with millions of corpses.

Today, the War King had already made up his mind. Those who tried to stop him would definitely die!

"Who is this person? Why does he have such a strong aura?"

"This man's appearance makes me feel a strong sense of oppression. What is he doing here?"

"He's like a sword, and his aura is like a rainbow. He's definitely not a mortal!"

The sudden scene caused a lot of discussion among the people present. The Bai family was also stunned. As the representative of the Bai family and the only heir, Bai Yinyue stood up and asked, "This gentleman looks a little unfamiliar, but did he come for grandpa's birthday?"

Di Tian Jun stood where he was and said indifferently, "I came here mainly for two things today."

"First, of course, it's Master Bai's birthday. I hope Master Bai will be blessed in the next life."

"Second, it's to collect the bodies of the Bai family. Let's call it a day."


As soon as these words came out, all the guests were stunned!

"He even cursed the death of Mr. Bai and threatened to let the supreme Bai family collect the corpse?"

He was obviously here to make trouble!

"How dare you! Who are you? Since you know that today is the home field of the Bai Family, how dare you make trouble?"

Di Tianjun smiled indifferently. "The Bai family is just an ant. What's there to be afraid of?"

"Ha, what a joke. In South City, there is actually someone who dares to destroy the Bai family's face in broad daylight. Who do you think you are?"

This time, it was a woman in a long purple dress who was extremely noble. She got up from her seat and walked straight to Di Tian Jun.

Di Tian Jun looked indifferent and said, "Who are you? It's none of your business. I advise you to stay away from me so that you won't get caught in the fire."

"None of my business?" The woman sneered. "It's really none of my business. I'm the daughter of the Zhao family in South City, Zhao Fang. I'm the fiancee of Bai Silvery. The Bai family you insulted just now is the place where I'm about to marry into."

The Zhao family in South City was second only to the Bai family. Now that the two families were about to get married through marriage, they were going to unify the world.

After hearing this, Di Tian Jun kindly reminded him, "The Bai family will soon not exist in South City. I advise you to change to another family, or you will lose more than you gain if you become a widow."

"You! You cursed me to be a widow! Today, not only did you offend the Bai family, but you also offended the Zhao family. Unless you kneel in public now, you will die!" Zhao Fang was so angry that her chest rose and fell, and her whole body trembled.


Di Tian Jun didn't move and slapped Zhao Fang in the face. The five bus handprints were obviously easy to see. Zhao Fang covered her face with one hand and widened her eyes. "How dare you hit me? Do you dare to hit me? Zhao Tai, kill him!"

At this moment, Zhao Fang was close to the edge of madness. Originally, the identity of the eldest daughter of the Zhao family was enough for her to be superior to the emperor. Now she was about to marry into the Bai family. She was already the focus of attention in South City. But now she was beaten in front of so many people.

At this moment, a big man came out of the crowd and went straight to Di Tian Jun. He picked up a stool and was about to smash it on Di Tian Jun.

However, the Northwest War King, the Dragon Emperor of Hua Xia, was a restricted area within two meters of his body!

Who dared to touch it?

At the moment when Hua Di was about to take action, Di Tian Jun had already taken action. He still slapped Zhao Tai's head, which was deafening!

This time, the War King did not show any mercy. He directly knocked Zhao Tai to the ground with protruding eyes and bleeding eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.

The crowd burst into an uproar!

A single slap had killed her...

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