Chapter One :Chapter 1

The words "Xi" were red, the curtains were red, the carpet was red, and the bedding was red...

Her bright red eyes filled the whole room with a festive atmosphere.

Qiao Weitong sat shyly at the head of the bed, holding a red bolster in her hand.

Today was the day of her and Lu Yebai's marriage. It was a happy day for every woman to marry a man she dreamed of.

Qiao Weitong was like this right now. Her heart was filled with sweetness.

Lu Yebai went to see off the guests and would come back soon. Thinking of what was going to happen next, she was a little scared and expectant.

There were hurried footsteps at the door. The door was pushed open, and Lu Yebai rushed in.

"Yebai!" Qiao Weitong looked up at Lu Yebai shyly, but her eyes were burning with anger.

"Qiao Weitong, tell me honestly, have you done anything wrong to me?"


"No? Then what is this?" Lu Yebai threw a photo in front of Qiao Weitong.

Qiao Weitong picked up the photo and glanced at it. Her mind went blank all of a sudden.

In the photo, she was naked and there was a man lying on top of her.

"This..." Qiao Weitong looked at the photo, and an unnatural dream that she often had appeared in front of her.

She had always thought that it was just her own love dream, but she did not expect to see a picture that was exactly the same as the one in her dream.

Could all this be true? But why didn't she have any impression of it?

Blue veins stood out on Lu Yebai's forehead, and he stared at Qiao Weitong with a pair of bright red eyes. Seeing that Qiao Weitong did not speak, he was extremely disappointed. "Qiao Weitong, I thought you were a pure woman. It turns out that you are a slutty..."

He did not say the other two words.

She just glared at Qiao Weitong and said, "I won't marry a dirty woman. Get out of here!"

After saying this, Lu Yebai strode out. Watching his back disappear, Qiao Wanting stood up and chased after him.

A group of people gathered in the living room downstairs. When they saw Qiao Weitong, Mrs. Qiao greeted her anxiously. "Tongtong, it's not true, is it? Someone framed you, isn't it?"

"What frame-up? Don't you know this photo?" Lu Siyu, the eldest daughter of the Lu family, sneered.

"My Tongtong won't do such a thing. She must have been framed by someone else." Madame Qiao tried her best to protect her.

"Tongtong, how could you do such a vulgar thing? I like you so much. You really hurt my heart."

Lu Yebai's mother, Mrs. Lu, wiped her tears with a heartbroken look.

"In-law, there must be a misunderstanding. My Tongtong, she is not that kind of person. You must believe her..."

"Enough!" His father Qiao Zhenyu, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly roared. After such a thing happened, he was embarrassed.

He pointed at the down-and-out Qiao Weitong and said, "I, Qiao Zhenyu, don't have a daughter as shameful as you! Get out of the Qiao family gate early tomorrow morning!"

"Zhenyu, where are you going to ask Tongtong to go?" Madame Qiao was anxious.

"It's all your fault. Like mother, like daughter. I'm really..." Qiao Zhenyu stamped his foot, turned around, and left.

"Zhenyu, explain it to your in-laws!" Mrs. Qiao tried to pull Qiao Zhenyu, but he gave her a hard push and she fell to the ground.

Seeing that Mrs. Qiao had fallen down, Qiao Weitong reacted and immediately reached out to help her.

Madam Qiao's forehead was covered with blood, and her eyes were closed. She was already unconscious.

She was so scared that she screamed. "Mom, what's wrong with you? Don't scare me!"

Qiao Zhenyu, who was walking out of the door, turned his head when he heard the voice and saw his wife's face covered with blood. He was shocked and rushed over to hug Mrs. Qiao. "Honey, what's wrong with you? Call the ambulance!"

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