Chapter One :Chapter 1

"Dad... Mom... Little brother!"

The little voice strained to shout.

As she stared at her burning home, the flames reaching into the sky, and the struggling figures of her dad, mom, and little brother inside.

She couldn't resist charging forward, trying to push open the front door, but the scalding flames surged from inside, directly searing her hand!

It's so hot! It’s so scorching! It hurts so much!

She pulled her hand back, turned around to find help.

Turning her head, she saw a familiar silhouette.

It was her Big Brother! Her best friend, her confidante!

She called out to him, but he ignored her, climbing into a car.

The car sped away.

All that was left in her mind were stolen moments of bathing together with Big Brother and their sworn promise of eternal love with a single kiss.

"Brother," with her small legs, she tried desperately to run after him, but she could never catch up.

In the end, she fell to the ground, her palms scraped and bleeding.

Tears fell from her eyes like shimmering crystals, and suddenly, they transformed into a vast sea that swallowed her all at once.



Xia Qingtian shouted, abruptly waking up from her airplane seat, the corners of her eyes teary, her blanket falling onto the ground in the process.

It's that dream again!

The recurring dream for the past eight years!

Eight years ago, her parents and younger brother died in a fire, leaving her alone in this world with nobody to rely on.

She wiped the corner of her eyes with the back of her right hand, revealing a shocking scar when she dropped her hand back.

This scar was a cruel reminder of the fire from eight years ago, strikingly prominent on her otherwise soft and delicate hand.

While the scar could have been removed through surgery, she chose not to.

It served as the only memory of her past and a constant reminder to make herself stronger.

Because the fire wasn't an accident. It was intentional and she was the only witness.

The murderer was Mu Ping, a wealthy and influential figure in Yun City. To kill him might be easier, but what she wanted was for him to pay the most cursory price and to reclaim everything that was hers.

Returning to Yun City was her preparation for revenge. She had the unconditional support of the organization, which was her condition for joining them in the first place.

Moreover, from the moment she provided her thumbprint, she no longer belonged to herself. She sold her body, her freedom, and her life.

"Miss, are you okay?"

Perhaps her cry when she woke up frightened the flight attendant.

"What's wrong? Just had a bad dream! How much longer before we arrive at Yun City?" She glanced at the stars of the impending night outside the window.

Her mission this time was in her hometown of Yun City, also the place where her nightmares started.

But what was a nightmare compared to what she had undergone in the organization, cosseted in darkness, enduring countless torture, and even had once narrowly escaped from a rape incident. The man had tied her up, tore away her clothes, and violently slammed her against the wall.

Luckily, the boss, Gong Ze, had shown up just in time.

"All of this was given to me by him, most importantly the destruction of my family." The sound of dripping blood echoed in her heart. Immediately, a surge of killing intent welled up within her, causing the guest who was sitting beside her to involuntarily tremble.

"There are still five hours left before the flight arrives at Yun City. Would you like a glass of water, ma'am?" The flight attendant asked congenially.

"No need, thank you." She shook her head.

In just five more hours, she would transform into a whole other person.

Located in Yun City's most bustling district, where every inch of land is worth its weight in gold, were two iconic buildings, connected like twins, yet standing independently.

The owner of these two iconic buildings was Nangong Family, the greatest power in Yun City today.

Speaking of the Nangong Family, it had quite the legendary story. In fact, eight years ago, the Nangong Family was involved in a huge controversy because the succeeding heir was born out of wedlock. However, without this illegitimate child, there wouldn't be the Nangong Family of today.

This illegitimate child was now the Head of the Nangong Family, Nangong Hao.

At this very moment, in the top floor of one of these iconic buildings within the vast office, a tall figure stood before the glass window. The glass reflected a face that was cold yet extremely handsome. His deepset eyes held traces of cold arrogance and the tall hawk-like nose was captivating enough to outshine any male star.

But what was irresistible was his devil-may-care, indifferent smile. It was as though he was mocking the world itself, high above and revered by all.

He is the man who currently rules over the entirety of Yun City, the man addressed as King; Nangong Hao!

Yet what feels odd is that at this moment, in the King's hand, was a self-made, unimpressive and rather childish wristband, strung with a few inexpensive, multi-coloured beads.

This trinket seems incredibly out of place with his persona and high-ranking status.

But this wristband is indeed something he regards as a treasure!

"Big brother, this wristband is for you. Put it on, and from now on, we will never separate..."

"Alright, we will never part!"

"Then let’s make a pinky promise!"


His mind echoed with the innocent phrases.

However, these words are as significant to him as the most solemn vow.

It is a pity that he broke his promise.

Back then, being the illegitimate son of the prestigious Nangong family, he was not accepted by his clan, hence he and his mother lived in a relative's house.

That period, however, was the happiest time of his life because that is when he met his little sister, Qing'er.

A small, lovely girl who would protect him and bring him warmth with her tiny body!

But sadly, these beautiful days ended abruptly. An unfortunate accident claimed the life designated to be the heir of the Nangong family, the eldest son of the Nangong family, and his father.

Therefore, he became the only heir of the Nangong family.

His mother, due to his father's death, was sick for a long time, and passed away eventually.

Thus, on the day when he turned sixteen, he was taken away by his grandfather, and he did not even have a chance to say goodbye to his sister, Qing'er.

After that, he was sent abroad for training and only returned to the Nangong family five years ago.

By the time he went to find his sister Qing'er, the place where he used to live had been completely demolished, and the whereabouts of Qing'er and her family were unknown.

"Qing'er, are you doing well now?" Nangong Hao sighed, his thoughtful expression actually softened his cold face a lot.

At this moment, a man who appeared young, but acted mature and steady walked in. He was Nangong Qing, the trusted assistant beside Nangong Hao.

Back then, he was selected by the old patriarch, and was sent abroad for training together with Nangong Hao. They had been through life and death together, so he and Nangong Hao were truly brothers in hardship.

"Young Master, I have arranged for someone to pick up Young Master Rui according to your instruction," Nangong Qing reported, standing stiffly.

"When he arrives, bring him to see me directly." Nangong Hao ordered in a steady tone.

Nangong Qing nodded, then walked out of the office.

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