Chapter One :Chapter 1

In the Profound Eaves Continent.

Cloud City, the Ninth Prince's residence.

Ye Zhiyao was locked by two huge chains on the cliff, and there was a bottomless abyss beneath her feet. She would be frightened if she took another look at it.

Dark clouds gathered above his head, forming a large black mass. It was as if he could touch it with a raise of his hand.

She was terrified and tried to break free, but the two chains were incomparably thick. With a slight movement, her body began to sway about on the cliff.

The deafening sound of thunder rang in his ears. When he looked up, he saw a hole in the sky. The thunder fell and hit Ye Zhiyao directly.

She couldn't avoid it. She only felt an electric shock all over her body and couldn't help trembling. That kind of feeling was worse than death.

It wasn't easy for Ye Zhiyao to survive, so she thought it was the end. Unexpectedly, another bolt of lightning struck her precisely.

One lightning bolt after another fell on her body. Every minute and second of Ye Zhiyao was suffering. If she wanted to die just like that, she would no longer have to suffer such pain!

An hour later, she was on the verge of death. Her clothes were in tatters and her body was covered with scars. Blood was flowing out and her head was hanging down. She didn't even have the strength to open her eyes.

The barrier of the Thunder Domain was suddenly opened, and a man in black came over. His legs were hanging in the air, and he stood in front of her with his hands clasped behind his back.

His lofty temperament made him look like an emperor who dominated everything.

"Is this woman still alive?"

This made him extremely surprised.

He raised his hand and pinched Ye Zhiyao's dirty little face. Gritting his teeth, he said, "Open your eyes and look at me."

It was his voice. Ye Zhiyao couldn't be more familiar with it. In the end, she opened her eyes.

In his eyes, he still looked noble and superior.

Ye Zhiyao sneered. "Your Highness, aren't you surprised that I'm still alive?"

In fact, she was also surprised. She thought that she would die in such torture.

However, her life should not be ended!

Shen Jiuzhu didn't expect her life to be so hard. She was just a useless person who couldn't cultivate, how could she hold on for so long?

He revealed a cruel smile. "Don't worry, I'll let you die."

His grip was so strong that it hurt Ye Zhiyao. She gnashed her teeth and said, "May I know why His Highness wants to sentence me to death?"

"Because you are not only a good-for-nothing, but also a thief." Shen Jiuzhu snorted contemptuously and let go of her face. She took out a handkerchief and wiped her hands, looking disgusted.

"Just because she said that I stole it and didn't even have evidence, do you believe it?" Ye Zhiyao was simply framed. She didn't understand why Shen Jiuzhu, who was so shrewd in the court, would believe a woman's words so easily.

"Yes." He spat out a word without hesitation. Like a sharp knife, he cut hard on Ye Zhiyao's heart.

There were many wives and concubines in Shen Jiuzhu's manor. Although she was a noble princess, she had never looked at her because she was a good-for-nothing who couldn't cultivate.

Ye Zhiyao suddenly didn't know what to say. She felt like she was going to die. A bleak smile appeared on her face, and her eyes were full of tears. She kept looking at him.

"I won't let you live, but you won't die too fast. This is another space created by me. No one can come in except me. I will watch you die little by little!"

At this moment, Shen Jiuzhu was like Yama from hell. She could decide a person's life and death with a raise of her hand, and Ye Zhiyao had no power to resist at all.

She was in despair. He was Shen Jiuzhu, the Ninth Prince who could turn the world upside down in the Heaven Wasteland domain. He was extremely powerful and no one dared to provoke him.

Today, she was going to die.

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