Chapter One :Chapter 1

This year's winter seemed to have arrived earlier than usual.

It was only early December, and the bleak, cold wind had already swept across every corner of the city overnight.

Within a large hospital in the city center...

Qin An'an couldn't believe that she, who just left the prison, ended up in the emergency room of the hospital in the blink of an eye.

At this moment, she was sitting in the corridor of the emergency room, wearing a black short-sleeve shirt that was inappropriate for this time of year. Her fair arms were covered with an array of bruises, making one imagine that her body under her clothes was not going to be in a better condition either.


A sudden sharp pain shot through from the corner of her forehead, forcing her to take in a cold breath involuntarily.

"The disinfection process can be a bit painful. Bear with it; it'll be over soon."

Noticing her furrowed brows, the young nurse who was treating her wounds spoke, "By the way, miss, have your family members arrived yet? Your medical bill has not been paid yet, I'm afraid..."

"I know. My... my husband should be here soon."

Qin An'an responded in a low voice. No sooner had she spoken, she felt an oppressive aura approaching her side, enveloping her entire being in a shadow.

Before she could look up, a pleasant, resonant male voice leisurely swept across her ears.

"Qin An'an?"

Hearing her own name called out, Qin An'an slowly raised her eyes. Greeting her sight was a young man of extraordinary temperament -

He was dressed in a silver-grey high-quality suit, and the black shirt beneath made him appear more elegant and indifferent. The buttons were all done up to his collar, tightly encompassing the man's robust physique.

As she cast her gaze slightly upwards, she unexpectedly met the man's eyes without any prior warning--

The man was exceptionally handsome; beneath his brows, full of heroic spirit, hid deep and serene black eyes, a high and straight nose, pale thin lips. The remarkable quality he exuded from top to toe left even her, who was used to seeing the scions of high society, slightly stunned.

However, the first thing he uttered was her name. Could it be...

"Mr. Ji?"

Previously, when she had used the hospital's phone to call He Liancheng, she remembered he mentioned that her husband's surname was Ji on their marriage certificate. However, she didn't quite recall his exact name.

The man subtly nodded, his indifferent gaze swept over the wound on her forehead and the combination of blue and purple bruises on her arm. A flicker of coldness unexpectantly flitted across his eyes as he turned his head, giving orders to his assistant, "Ah Jun, pay for the lady's medical bills first, then handle the hospital admission procedures. You know what to do next, right?"

The man referred to as Ah Jun was actually called Lu Jun. He was Ji Chenxi's assistant and confidant. Having followed Ji Chenxi for many years, he was the only one in the Ji family who knew about Ji Chenxi's secret marriage to Qin An'an.

Immediately understanding, Lu Jun nodded, "Yes, Master, I'm on it!"

With that, his broad figure headed out, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

"Mr. Ji, actually, I don't need to be hospitalized. Aside from these minor injuries on my forehead, I..."

Upon hearing the man instructing his assistant to arrange for her admission, Qin An'an's eyebrows slightly knitted in worry as she immediately spoke up.

She was to meet her previously unseen husband today to reclaim the marriage certificate which should have been in her possession. Once she obtained this certificate, she could finally transfer all the shares left by her mother under her name.

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