Chapter One :Chapter 1

"Get Justin Brown's sperm and I will let your father go home! Otherwise…"

The low voice of threat from the phone made Jennie White frightened, and this was the third threatening phone!

Her father was abducted, which threatened her to steal the sperm of American Diamond CEO Justin Brown. She must pull it out of the man's body with needles. This required technical skills. She was a nurse in the test—tube department, but she had never done it to a man. How could she carry it out?

Hang up the phone, Jennie White called again, but there came a prompt: you dialed the phone has been invalidated!

The thought that her father was in the control of an unknown person made Jennie restless. She grew up with her father, so she could not risk calling the police. Jennie then went to Joe Smith’s, because now she could only discuss with him!

Half an hour later, Jennie came to Joe Smith's place! Not having knocked on the door which was with a key in it, Jennie was curious about what Joe had done so that he forgot to pull out the key!

Jennie pulled out the key and opened the door. She was caught sight of a mess, man's clothes, woman's stockings, skirts, scattering together.

The heart of the Jennie suddenly cooled—

"Mm—hmm!" A strange sound came from the semi—open bedroom. Jennie was more shocked.

The woman’s sound seemed familiar to her. The continued voice coming from the bedroom completely shattered the last fantasies of Jennie.

That was her best friend Cindy Lively and her boyfriend Joe Smith...

Cindy was under him, moaned “emm… Joe, you are so fast. Hurt!”

Joe thrusted even harder, said in a hoarse voice, “little slut, you said ‘slow’, now ‘fast’. What the hell do you want?”

The whole body of Jennie shook. The sound from the bedroom like a dagger blade pierced into her heart.

Until now, Jennie found that she was betrayed by love and friendship!

Jennie closed her eyes, with tears falling down. She could not stand the heartache, biting deeply into the delicate lips. She wiped the tears, looked up at the ceiling, winked hard, and stopped the tears!

She took a deep breath, stifled her suffocation, stepped forward, and moved towards the bedroom door! Inside the half—closed door, a scene of sex was erogenous.

Woman's white thighs and man's wheat—colored waist were in a stark contrast, stinging the eyes of the Jennie!

The two entangled people were so involved that they did not see Jennie standing in front of the door for a long time.

When Joe completely released, he and Cindy embraced together, with their faces of lazy and comfortable expressions.

Jennie calmed down, and she raised her hands to applaud without facial expressions: "Pa Pa Pa".

"Ah——" Shocked Cindy immediately screamed, "Jennie, Jennie, how can you?"

"Jennie!" Joe Smith also found Jennie, and his face turned pale.

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