Chapter One :Chapter 1

Author's P.O.V.

"Listen, today's gathering is the most important one for our pack. If you dare to mess it up, I will make sure your husband, the Alpha King, revokes your Luna status!" I stared at my mother-in-law, the former Luna Crystal, as she pointed a finger at me in warning. Before she left, she snorted again disdainfully. Who would care the fact that I had been preparing food for the gathering since four o'clock this morning?

My legs felt like weighed down by a thousand-pound iron chain, and I felt my whole body growing heavier with each passing moment. I knew I would never be accepted by Rocco, his family, or their pack, because our marriage was just a deal between two packs.

Rocco had a girlfriend before we got married. Although she wasn't his fated mate, all preferred her, a powerful beta's daughter, as the pack's Luna Queen, over me, a wolfless omega. However, since Rocco's father owed a life to my father, they had no choice but to accept this arranged marriage. I knew my marriage to Rocco wouldn't be smooth, but I selfishly accepted my father's arrangement.

I love Rocco. When I was 14, I met him at a banquet held by the werewolf community. My stomach filled with butterflies the moment I caught a glimpse of his charming face. If it weren't for this coincidence, I would have never had the opportunity to stand before him. After all, my pack wouldn't even be recognized in the werewolf kingdom.

Thinking of Alpha Rocco's increasingly mature and handsome face, my cheeks felt flushed.

Suddenly, a strong smell of sauce reached my nose, and I angrily lifted my head to see an omega provocatively staring at me. "Oh... it's our dear Luna, but you look no different from us in that apron. I thought it was some lazy omega standing here daydreaming."

There was no remorse in her tone, and the surrounding omegas began to laugh.

Silently, I used a kitchen towel to wipe the sauce off my face and took a deep breath. I didn't want to create chaos here now; I needed to ensure the gathering went smoothly.

But my silence was taken as a signal for them to continue bullying me. Another omega laughed and defiantly smashed a plate in front of me, a shard cutting my face.

Blood oozed out of my skin immediately.

"You!" I glared at her.

That omega simply shrugged and said, "Sorry, it was just a slip of the hand. But I'm sure our dear Luna will forgive me, because you are always merciful, aren't you?"

Anger filled my senses once again. I knew they action was solely due to the attitude of Alpha Rocco and his mother. They knew that no matter how I was treated, Alpha Rocco would not help me punish anyone.

He despised me. On the night we held the ceremony, I could feel the fiery matebond between us. I was naked and the spot between my legs was all wet. I quickly straddled him.

Ironically, Alpha Rocco ignored his wolf's roar and threw me to the ground. His cool eyes rested on me as if looking at a slut.

He gripped my throat, warning me, "Except for having the title of Luna, the rest of your life will be lived in hell until you're fully awakened."

I had been stubborn since childhood. I didn't believe in any truth but I believed that love could be nurtured. Even on the night Rocco humiliated me, I wasn't even angry. I thought Rocco just lacked understanding of me.

And now, three years had passed, and my inner hope was slowly being extinguished. Rocco truly fulfilled his vow; he trampled on my burning heart with disgust. We never had sex. Who would have thought that I was still a virgin after three years of marriage?

I was not sure if these days of humiliation were worth enduring. But Rocco had never brought any she-wolves home these years. Could it prove that he was trying to accept me?

But Rocco would never accept me just because I was obedient. He didn't want me because because he just hated my weakness.

With that thought, I immediately slapped that omega and sneered, "Sorry, it was just a slip of the hand."

I decided to stop entertaining their pranks. I glanced at the clock; the time for the gathering was approaching, and I needed to change into a decent outfit.

Suddenly, my mother-in-law's shrill voice echoed in the chaotic kitchen, bursting with her intense dissatisfaction. She didn't even bother to ask for what had happened and once again blamed the chaos on me!

"MY GOSH! Why did you even bother volunteering to help in the kitchen? You're not helping at all. Look at you! You're just slowing them down. You might even contaminate the food with your blood! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? CLEAN YOURSELF!" she blurted, without even bothering to ask if I was okay.

The fire of anger in my eyes still burned bright.

"Do you want to kill me? Is that how you express your dissatisfaction?" Luna Crystal screamed in disbelief when she saw my fiery eyes.

I wanted to explain, but I was running out of time. So I immediately apologized, "I—I'm sorry, Mother. I will clean it right away."

"Of course, you will. Do you expect me to clean up your mess?" She rolled her eyes. Unsatisfied, she continued to humiliate me. "You had one job and you can't even do it right! My Goddess, you're worse than an omega! Oh right, I forgot you don't have a wolf, not even a weak one!"

She continued scolding me. The maids watched in amusement as if mocking my newfound Luna's dignity.

My lips pressed into a thin line. I didn't want to endure baseless blame any longer. Just as I was about to retort, Luna Crystal's tone suddenly softened. "Ruth... Sorry, I've been too harsh on you. I can see that you're not happy here. So, starting tonight, you will be freed from all of this."

Confusion creased my eyebrows. What did she mean? Before I could question further, there was a commotion at the entrance of the banquet hall.

The host of the gathering, my husband—Alpha Rocco of the Aeon Blue pack, showed up in front of everyone. The agonizing wails in my heart ceased. I couldn't deny that Alpha Rocco's allure towards me had only grown stronger.

But as my eyes shifted to the woman in his arms, my smile froze on my lips, and my legs became stiff in place.

My mate had returned with his lover.

And there I stood, with sauce on my face, blood in my palms, looking utterly disheveled.

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