Chapter One :Chapter 1

"B*tch, how dare you betray me!"

"Song Lingyun, you beast. I treat you as my brother and treated you as my brother. I trained you as the peerless God of War myself, but you hooked up with that b*tch and even wanted to kill me. I won't let you go even if I become a ghost."

Lu Yu suddenly opened his eyes and sat up. His eyes were full of anger and killing intent, and he clenched his fists tightly!

"No, where am I? I was killed in the Black Prison. How could I still be alive?"

"Could it be that I've been reborn?"

The strange environment woke Lu Yu up quickly, and memories of the past appeared in his mind one by one.

Lu Yu, who was originally a Holy Soul Master in the Divine Martial Domain, created an unprecedented Martial Soul evolution skill. He pushed an unremarkable assistant Divine Master Hun to the peak of the Paramount Realm and became the first Holy Emperor level Divine Spirit Master in the history of the Divine Martial Domain. He was called the Holy Soul Master!

That was the highest honor, known as the number one person in the entire history of Master Hun's domain.

However, just as Lu Yu was the most glorious and proud, standing at the peak of his life, a betrayal completely destroyed him.

There were three things in Lu Yu's life that he was proud of. He had a beautiful wife, an invincible brother, and a successful career. That was what countless people dreamed of. He got it, but he didn't know the ending.

Lu Yu's growth was not smooth, but the creation of the evolution of the Martial Soul changed his life and made him marry Ma Lingyue, one of the top ten beauties in the Divine Martial Territory. He had once envied countless people.

Later, Lu Yu got to know Song Lingyun again. They looked at each other in the eyes and became good brothers.

As Soul Master, Lu Yu was dedicated to studying the evolution of the Martial Soul and had spent half of his life on his wife and brother.

Originally, both Ma Lingyue and Song Lingyun's Martial Souls were below the third grade of the Earth Class. Their achievements were destined to be limited.

However, Lu Yu had used his unique Martial Soul evolution skill to upgrade their Martial Souls from Rank 3 Earth Class to Rank 8 Heaven Class. He had become a top expert in the Divine Martial Domain.

Song Lingyun won the title of peerless War God, and Ma Lingyue won the reputation of Tian Yue Fairy.

For the sake of his wife and brother, Lu Yu spared no effort to perfect the evolution of his Martial Soul and raise their Martial Souls to the highest realm of the Ninth Heaven Class.

However, to Lu Yu's surprise, the moment he paid a heavy price and successfully developed it, Ma Lingyue and Song Lingyun suddenly betrayed him, robbed him of his lifetime's research results, and imprisoned him in the Black Prison.

Lu Yu fell from the peak to the bottom. He couldn't believe it.

One was his beloved wife, and the other was his most trusted brother. They had colluded with each other and betrayed him.

"Ma Lingyue, Song Lingyun, I will make you regret it!"

Lu Yu gnashed his teeth and his facial features were distorted. Every time he thought of this, he could not calm down.

In the beginning, when Ma Lingyue married Lu Yu, she caused a sensation in the Divine Martial Domain and was known as the most legendary counterattack.

However, Lu Yu did not know that Ma Lingyue was interested in the evolution of the Martial Soul, not him.

Later, it proved that Ma Lingyue's vision was unique. With the help of the evolution of her Martial Soul, she had become a supreme expert.

As Ma Lingyue's senior brother, Song Lingyun had a personal relationship with her for a long time. They worked together to deceive Lu Yu and call him brother.

While Lu Yu had completed the evolution of his Martial Soul, Ma Lingyue and Song Lingyun suddenly fell out and imprisoned Lu Yu.

Then, according to the results of Lu Yu's research, his Martial Soul rose from the Rank 8 Heaven Class to the highest level of the Rank 9 Heaven Class.

At that moment, Ma Lingyue and Song Lingyun were completely relieved and destroyed Lu Yu and the Black Prison, who were imprisoned in the Black Prison.

From then on, Lu Yu was reduced to ashes. Ma Song and Ma Yuan joined forces to become emperors and swept across the Divine Martial Divine Land. This was their perfect plan.

However, no one could predict that Lu Yu would be reborn after he died. That was beyond Ma and Song's expectation.

"Since the heavens have allowed me to be reborn, I will definitely make you regret it!"

"In my previous life, I was blind and could not see people clearly. In this life, I wanted to have discerning eyes and recognize gold, to be able to rule the world alone."

"In my previous life, my Martial Soul was weak and I wasn't good at fighting capacity. In this life, I'm going to defeat all enemies with Wu Dingtian."


His words were bold and heroic, domineering and invincible.

Lu Yu turned the hatred in his belly into motivation. He wanted revenge.

However, when he integrated the memory of this body and saw its structure clearly, he couldn't help sighing.

The young man whose soul had been reborn was also called Lu Yu. He was 16 years old and was an outer servant of the Green Mountain Sect. He was only at the First Level of the Spiritual Meridian and had yet to awaken his Martial Soul.

In this life, Lu Yu was originally from Wu City, one of the seven cities in the west of Tianyue Country. His father, Lu Zhan, was the master of a city and had a high status.

Lu Yu was the Young City Lord. He didn't have to worry about food and clothing, but he had a strange illness when he was a child. His father had done everything he could to save him, but the root of the disease had fallen and he had almost become a cripple.

Three years ago, when Lu Zhan learned that there were spiritual herbs in the Snow-capped Peak, he sent Lu Yu to the Green Mountain Sect and went to look for them alone.

As a result, his father did not return and the City Lord's position was taken away by someone else. Lu Yu, the Young City Lord, had no real name and was humiliated in the Green Mountain Sect.

If he could not awaken his Martial Soul, he could not become an Outer Disciple of the Green Mountain Sect.

Once three years had passed, they would be swept out of the sect. The Green Mountain Sect would not keep useless people.

The next day was the day of the awakening of his Martial Soul. Lu Yu knew that there was no hope for him to awaken. In addition, there were rumors that his father was dead, which made him desperate. Even his former lover was away from him.

Under the heavy blow, Lu Yu had nothing left to live. He did not want to be humiliated all day long, so he chose to end his life.

Thinking of this, Lu Yu's eyes were cold and sharp.

"She abandoned her lover because she thinks you're useless. Compared to me being betrayed, it's not a big deal. From today on, whoever dares to look down on Lu Yu will regret it!"

Turning over and getting out of bed, Lu Yu's legs were slightly numb and he felt weak all over.

"This body is really... Hey... it's poisonous. It seems that there is another reason for the strange disease in that year."

A cold light burst out of Lu Yu's eyes. He said coldly, "Tianyou San, it's no wonder that you're so weak. You've only opened your meridians after three years of cultivation. Martial Soul... no..."

Lu Yu paused for a moment and suddenly found a faint shadow in the acupuncture point of the Divine Soul.

Wasn't this a Martial Soul that had been awakened?

"What's going on? Don't tell me... I understand... that my soul has been reborn and my Martial Soul has awakened."

Lu Yu was a Divine Soul Master. His understanding of Martial Souls was unprecedented. He understood everything in an instant.

"As long as I have a Martial Soul, I can look down on the world!"

With a thought, the illusory image of Lu Yu's Divine Soul acupoint was released and appeared in his eyes.

That was a stalk of grass, only two leaves, belonging to the bud period. It was extremely weak, lacking nutrients.

"It's the Quiet Martial Soul again, and it's a Rank 1 Yellow Class. Is this the fate that I can't get rid of?"

Lu Yu sneered and his eyes were full of confidence. He was not discouraged at all.

In his previous life, he had a quiet Martial Soul, and this time, he had a quiet Martial Soul. It was a good opportunity for him to go back to the past and create an Emperor's Soul!

"If I live a new life, I will rule the world!"

Lu Yu's gaze was resolute. He was Soul Master. Even if his Martial Soul was destroyed, he would still be able to stir up the world and reign supreme for tens of thousands of years!

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