Chapter One :Chapter 1

The vast ocean, shrouded by drizzling rain, seemed on the brink of being devoured as dark clouds loomed over the horizon.

In the Qian family's beachfront villa, the air was so thick and heavy with tension it felt solid.

"Has there been any word from the police?" Qian Si Han's eyes were red and swollen, and she looked utterly exhausted. She hadn't eaten, drunk, or slept since the incident two days ago.

"The search and rescue operation has begun, but... there's still no sign of Yun Feng." Fang Ruo Yao's complexion looked just as bad as she had been by her friend's side since the incident.

"Why was Yun Feng so foolish? I never cared about any sea pearl..." Qian Si Han's voice choked as she looked helplessly at a young man across from her, "Ming Hao, can I see Auntie, please?"

Yang Ming Hao was Yun Feng's close friend. Of those present when the incident occurred, he was the only one who had met Yun Feng's mother. Qian Si Han could only imagine how distressed the older woman must be feeling at such a time.

"Auntie won't see any of us anymore…"


A luxury business vehicle pulled to a halt in front of the Zhuo family's mansion, silently sitting in the night. The headlights swept across the scene as bright as daylight, its cold glow seemed to emanate like an eerie specter of nobility, or like a proud and aloof eagle surveying its domain.

The car window rolled down slowly in the night, and Butler Wan approached with haste, respectfully opening the car door.

"Young master, you... finally returned! It's good that you're back, very good..."

As soon as Butler Wan opened the car door, the man inside stepped out gracefully. The shine from his black leather shoes, the handsome determination of his face slowly emerging under the night, against the hazy backdrop, his deep and exquisite features resembled the brightest star in the sky, unforgettable even in the dark.

"Where's the madam?" Zhuo Lie Yan’s low hoarse voice, just as cold as his demeanor, carried no warmth. His black hair only accentuated his wild demeanor even further. His lips pursed slightly, his determined lips carried an alluring curvature, but there was not a trace of a smile. It wasn't hard to tell that he seldom wore a smile.

Though he addressed Butler Wan, the sharp gaze of his hawk-like eyes were intently fixed ahead through the middle of the night. They expressed a mature man's charisma and authority, and his perfect angular side face seemed to have been finely sculpted by the gods.

"The m...madam... she's waiting for you upstairs!" Butler Wan stuttered, tension palpable. The rows of servants welcoming the young master's return seemed just as serious. The heavy and oppressive atmosphere was filled with an eerie chill.

On top of the hill, the lights in the mansion shone brightly like stars in the night sky. Mother and son sat quietly inside the office, Zhuo Lie Yan sitting calmly in his leather chair, cufflinks gleaming at the hem of his silver suit, holding a fine Cuban cigar, its end comfortably held between his sexy lips.

As he exhaled, the smoke blew across his face, causing it to blur out of focus. The only thing clear were those sharp eyes, beaming like a wolf. They emanated a cold glow in the night…

"Your mother had been hoping for many years, seeing your brother about to graduate and ready to help me manage our family business, who would have thought something like this would happen…”

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