Chapter One :Chapter 1

The phoenix crown falls to the ground!

In the imperial palace hall, Xuewei is tightly detained on the ground.

In this bitterly cold weather, her heart feels ice-cold.

"You lowly woman, you are not worthy to be the queen!"

Is she not worthy?

Xuewei laughs out loud, she helped him conquer this land! Why should she not be worthy?

"Why are you laughing?"

Xuewei suddenly raises her head, looking at the man in front of her.

This is her husband, but at this moment, there is no trace of affection in his eyes, only disgust.

"As long as you admit to secretly colluding with King Qin..."

"Jingxuan!" she shouted coldly, her eyes suddenly turning scarlet, "What did I, Xuewei, do wrong to you, that you want to harm me and my General's Mansion!"

Jingxuan's eyes reveal a sinister color, "Haven't you ever heard the saying, 'those who achieve high merit overshadow their ruler'?"

Xuewei understands that if she admits to secretly colluding with King Qin to rebel, then Jingxuan can use this to justify eliminating both the General's Mansion and King Qin's Mansion.

Stupid! Truly stupid!

With the General's Mansion around, King Qin would still have some scruples, but once the General's Mansion is gone, King Qin will immediately lead his troops southward.

She laughed again, this time mockingly.

Laughing at Jingxuan's stupidity and her own blindness, she had actually entrusted her life to such a treacherous villain!

Jingxuan was originally the least favored prince in the palace, and it was her who put down her needlework, manipulated power, and supported him step by step to the present. Now that his throne is stable, he has finally revealed his true colors.

"I, Xuewei, did not collude with King Qin!" she said word by word.

"Good!" Jingxuan nodded, "You really are a tough one!"

Jingxuan shouted at the outside, and soon two guards dragged a person in.

As Xuewei turned her head, she was shocked, "Father!"

Her father was the great general Xuan Wu, who had once made great achievements in battle. At this moment, there was no glory left in him, only a pool of flesh and blood.

Xuewei wanted to go over, but Jingxuan grabbed her hair and stopped her.

"Xuewei, as long as you admit to colluding with King Qin in front of the civil and military ministers, I can spare this old man's life. What do you say?"

"Father!" Xuewei cried out in grief.

Hao heard her voice and struggled to lift his head.

Seeing his daughter, his eyes were full of pain and sorrow but no resentment, "Wei... Father's death is not worth mentioning... but must not betray... the 100,000 Xuan Wu Army..."

Xuewei's eyes turned red in an instant, "Father! Your daughter is sorry for you..."

If it was not for her pleading with her father to support Jingxuan, they would not have been bitten by this ungrateful man!

Jingxuan was full of impatience and asked, "Will you do it or not?"

Xuewei looked at her father, and she saw determination in his eyes.

People of the Lu family would rather die than yield!

"I won't admit to something I didn't do!"

Jingxuan couldn't hold back his anger, and he pushed Xuewei away and took out a long knife from the guard beside him, placing it against Hao's neck.

"Xuewei, don't regret it!"

Xuewei bit her lower lip tightly, and at this moment, the tears miraculously stopped.

"Wei... There's no one in my army who's afraid of death... Don't tarnish your father's reputation..."


"We were all wrong... But we can't make another mistake..." Hao shouted.

Xuewei closed her eyes, tears falling down her cheeks, and when she opened them again, her eyes were cold and resolute.

"I, won't, do it!"

Furious, Jingxuan swung his knife down.

Immediately, blood splattered on the scene!

"Jingxuan! You won't die a good death!!!"

She was wrong! She was really wrong!

Jingxuan was cursed in his heart and then became furious: "Come on, torture her, I want to see how long you can hold on!"


Torture room.

"Ah!" A miserable scream.

The red-hot iron stuck to the flesh, sizzling, and emitting a burnt smell. When it was removed, a layer of burnt skin was torn off.

Xuewei raised her head violently, showing extreme pain on her withered face.

Eighteen kinds of torture tools were used in turn, day and night, and the torture had lasted for a month. She clenched her teeth but refused to give in.

"Xuewei, you have today too!"

Her chin was pinched, and sharp nails dug into her flesh.

Xuewei took a breath and looked at the person, laughing. At this time and place, she could still laugh.


The second young lady of the Lu family, her cousin.

She treated her with kindness, but she had an affair with her husband! When she gave birth to a son for Jingxuan and knelt in front of her to confess, she finally realized it.

How ridiculous!

"Big sister, everyone in the world says that the eldest daughter of the Lu family is incredibly beautiful and stunning. It's true!" Xuehan's eyes revealed a hateful look as she let a maid bring a short knife. The sharp blade pressed against Xuewei's face, "Do you know why Brother Xuan made you his queen?"

Xuewei responded with cold eyes. Even in such a miserable situation, she still had pride in her.

"He loves you! Oh no, he loves this face, saying that it's like a fairy under the jade-cold moonlit night on a Yao Terrace. But he also hates you, because you... are dirty!"

Xuewei closed her eyes, not bothering to acknowledge her.

"That year, when you and the groom were rolling together..."

"Shut up!" Xuewei's eyes widened suddenly.

"Hahaha..." Xuehan laughed wildly. "You thought you were drunk and accidentally entered the servant's room. But in fact, it was me who tampered with your drink, spiked it with a love potion, and sent you to the groom's room. I even gave him ten taels of silver!"

Xuewei's breath stopped abruptly, her eyes suddenly filled with blood-red rage. It was... It was her!

"Ah!" She lunged at Xuehan, but she was bound by chains and could only knock her sister down.

"How dare you!" Xuehan swung the knife and cut Xuewei's face.

Xuewei seemed to feel no pain as she screamed and howled with her hair disheveled and her body covered in blood, like a demonic ghost crawling up from the ground.

"Xuewei, you are nothing but an ant now! What can you do to me?"

Like she found joy in it, Xuehan continued cutting Xuewei's face with the knife, splattering blood everywhere.

It hurt, but she had already become numb.

At this moment, another person entered.


She's here!

Carefully designed, making her suffer like this, how can she not come to appreciate it?

"His Majesty has made me a queen; all this is thanks to you, Wei!"

Xuewei looked up at the person wearing the phoenix crown and sneered coldly.

Ruyu, her best friend!

"Your life was saved by me, and this is how you repay me?" After saying this, she spat out a mouthful of blood.

Ruyu covered her mouth and laughed lightly, "How could you know back then that I needed you to save me?"


Ruyu snorted lightly, "But now, I have achieved my wish."

"Do you think you can have a good ending?" Xuewei gritted her teeth.

"You won't see it anyway." Ruyu leaned down and said softly, "I've found it for you, the Three Strokes Soul Erosion."

Xuewei's body trembled. Three Strokes Soul Erosion was a poison. After taking it, one would turn into a pool of blood in three strokes, a poisonous ghost saint.

Ruyu stood up, shook her feathered sleeve, and then handed a fiery red pill to Xuehan.

Xuehan understood and bent down to lift Xuewei's chin.

Xuewei struggled desperately, but after suffering a month of torture, she had no strength left. The poison pill entered her mouth and immediately dissolved.

The pain came instantly, as if thousands of insects were biting her, or tiny hooks were tearing her flesh and bones apart.

A thousand cuts, yet not even a fraction of this pain.

"I, Xuewei, swear to abandon the cycle of reincarnation and become a malevolent ghost, seeking revenge on you!"


In the end, she only turned into a resentful soul, not dissipating, not entering the cycle of reincarnation. Looking at herself melting into a pool of blood, it was pitiful.

Later, she floated out of the dungeon and saw the imperial palace being attacked and overrun by ten thousand soldiers.

In the darkness, a man in black armor held a sword in his hand, dripping with blood. Each of his moves was ruthless, aimed directly at his opponent's vital points. The man had an air of sternness, like a ghost general from the underworld.

He held a string of Buddhist beads in his left hand, and killed all around with his right hand.

Corpses piled up like mountains.

Blood flowed like rivers.

Palace guards were no match for him, and they scattered in fear.

Jingxuan, Ruyu, and Xuehan were dragged out of the hall and knelt before the man. The man's eyes were fierce, and he personally killed the three.

Her great vengeance was avenged, but the one who helped her avenge her was the person she had always schemed against in her life!

King Qin, Chengji!

In the cold winter days, with ice three feet thick, he dug a pit with his bare hands.

Every handful of soil was soaked in blood, and despite the persuasion of others, he was stubbornly close to madness.

A grave, day and night.

He was bleeding, and she was laughing, laughing with tears.

In the ancestral tomb of the Lu family, he finally buried her next to his father's grave. At the same time, the Buddha beads he wore on his hand for years were put on her hand.




When the last handful of soil covered the grave, the resentment of Xuewei's soul finally dissipated.

He saved her.

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