Chapter One :Chapter 1

Deep into the night, in Snow City, in a private clinic.

"Well..." As soon as Cheng Xiyao opened the door of the lounge, her wrist was held by a strong arm. Before she could scream, the man grabbed her slender waist and threw her to the hospital bed.

The man's breath was heavy and rapid, and it sprayed on Cheng Xiyao's face, which made her feel a little strange.

But how could there be a strange man in her sister's ward?!

She had bought a midnight snack for her sister, Cheng You Qian, and was ready to send it to her, helping her pay for the miscarriage.

Now his sister was missing, but there was another man in the room... What was going on?

The man stroked her hair, and his magnetic voice whispered in her ear.

"Be good and bear with it, huh?"

Then, he lowered his head to look for Cheng Xiyao's lips. With an aggressive kiss and a strong masculine scent, he surrounded Cheng Xiyao. All her sobs were swallowed by the man.

Cheng Xiyao was extremely scared. She kept twisting her body and trying to get rid of the man's shackles, but it turned out to be in vain. Instead, it aroused the man's desire.

Cheng Xiyao only felt pain in her body. She bit her lip and couldn't help crying. She kept begging the man to let her go in a hoarse voice.

But how could a man who had just tasted the sweetness end it so easily?

After an unknown period of time, Cheng Xiyao felt that her body was no longer hers. Her whole body was in pain, and there were tear stains on her little face. Her consciousness began to blur.

Before she fell asleep, she seemed to feel the man bending over and kissing the tears at the corners of her eyes. She whispered in her ear, "Don't worry, I will be responsible for you."

The next day, when Cheng Xiyao woke up from the pain, it was already dawn outside the window.

She blinked her eyes and could not come to her senses for a moment. At this moment, the sound of a conversation came from the distance.

Cheng Xiyao stiffened. Ignoring the pain in her body, she immediately got out of bed and pulled up the ugly bed sheet.

Fortunately, she wore a skirt last night, and the man did not take off her clothes. As long as she put down the skirt, she would not be seen through.

After doing all this, Cheng Xiyao rubbed her sore wrist and suddenly found the delicate and translucent jade bracelet on her wrist.

The jade bracelet looked expensive, shining in the sun.

It seemed that the man had worn it on her hand before he left.

As soon as she thought of him, Cheng Xiyao thought of what had happened last night, and her mood couldn't help but sink. She frowned and reached out to throw the bracelet into the bucket.

Before she could throw him out, the door of the ward was pushed open, and Nanny Cheng and her sister Cheng Xiaoqian came in together.

"You should take care of yourself these days in case you pass out because of your poor health. Alas, why are you so stupid? You don't want to tell me who the father of the child is..."

"Mom... I don't want to mention it. The miscarriage is the best choice for me. Did my sister come to pay?"

As soon as she finished speaking, Cheng You Qian saw Cheng Xiyao in front of her, and a trace of disgust flashed in her eyes. "How can she be my sister with such a sloppy look?"

But she couldn't fall out with her. After all, this silly sister was her cash machine.

"...Sister? When did you come?"

Cheng You Qian saw Cheng Xiyao's action and looked at her in surprise. "Sister, why do you take my bed sheet?"

Cheng Xiyao was very embarrassed and said, "I slept in your bed for a while, but I didn't expect my period to come and dirty the sheet. I wanted to wash it with it..."

Cheng You Qian nodded with understanding, and then her attention was attracted by the jade bracelet in Cheng Xiyao's hand. "Sister, where did you get this bracelet?"

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