Chapter One :Chapter 1


I can feel every drop of rain on me. I was soaking wet and I could feel the cold especially when the strong wind blew. However, I did not budge and remained kneeling in front of the large gate of the palace.

I need to meet the king ... I have to meet the crown prince ...

My father, General Knoxx, was accused of a crime he did not commit and he is currently in prison while awaiting the day of his execution and yet, I can't do anything.

I had no choice but to kneel and feel sorry for them.

I was suddenly startled when lightning struck in front of me followed by a loud thunder. And there I saw, where the lightning struck stood a familiar man.

“L-luke” I called him, my throat was already sore because I hadn’t been drinking water for two days and remained kneeling in front of the palace.

"Stop it already, there's nothing you can do" Luke said without emotion.

I'm used to his emotionless face but somehow, it hurts me so damn much to see that he doesn't care while I'm going through all this. He didn't even tried to help me.

"Please, save my father" I begged him but he didn't speak and just stared at me.

Is this really the luke I met? Luke has been my friend since I was a child. Is he always this heartless?

"Go away" Luke replied sparingly.

We were a pair made for each other. But now that my father has been accused and my last name Knoxx has been tarnished, I am no longer worthy to marry Luke so it is no wonder that Luke is going to cut off our engagement.

But even so, I hoped, I hoped that somehow I had a place in Luke’s heart. That even though we just reconciled our engagement he also feels for me as much as I feel for him. I guess i was wrong. For him, I was just a tool for him to use. And now that I have nothing to use, he will just throw me away.

"Is this the end of us?" My lips were trembling but I didn't know if it was because of the cold I was feeling or because of the intense pain that was building up in my heart.

"There is no 'us', Alissa"

I almost heard my heart shattered. Everything is just an illusion.

"Go back, you're just wasting your strength kneeling there" I didn't say a word and just stared at him.

Maybe we stared at each other for a few minutes until another lightning struck Luke's stand and along with the loud thunder he also suddenly disappeared.

I used to be amazed everytime he did that lightning teleportation. But now, I am no longer happy.

I hate it. I hate him ...

Slowly my eyes closed as I felt it get heavier and heavier. My whole body was covered in cold and I felt like I was about to give up. My vision was blurred and I felt like I was spinning around.

Then everything went black.

Tears slowly trickled down my eyes

" Luke interrupts as I say.

I was no longer surprised, I saw it coming. Luke and I have been enggaged since the day we were born because of our noble identity.

I was the daughter of the great general Alen Knoxx, while Luke is the eldest son of the king and the crown prince of this nation.

Chapter 1:

Alissa's POV

I slowly opened my eyes as I felt the dazzling sunlight meet my face. The weight of my feeling and I could feel the coldness of my body even though I was already wrapped in a thick blanket.

"Young miss Alissa?" I looked at the familiar woman who called me.

She's Lina, my personal maid. "Hmm?"

Lina looked at me almost with tears in her eyes. "You're finally awake."

I slowly got up and at the same time a towel suddenly fell from me. I looked at the towel before looking at Lina in surprise.

"Young Miss Alissa, you have a high fever, so I had to put a wet towel on her lately." I suddenly looked at Lina.

"Past days?" How long do I sleep?

"You fainted after kneeling in front of the palace young miss. And because of that, you lost consciousness and your fever was high for three days."

Gradually I came back to remember what had happened. I remembered kneeling in front of the palace then I suddenly remembered why I did that.

"D-dad, what happened while I was asleep?" I noticed that Lina's eyes suddenly became sad

"Sad to say young miss, but the hanging of General Knoxx will continue. There are those who have testified and given proof that General Knoxx is planning to revolt."

"That's bullshit! Father would never do such a thing, he is very loyal on serving our country! It's obvious that they just framed up papa because they want to oust papa from office." I was held tightly by my blanket.

My father, General Knoxx. Is one of the greatest general of all time. He never loses a war against the enemies of our nation and he always puts the welfare of the people living here in the kingdom of Bauxacel first, which is why the people have great respect for our family. But all that honor and success brings envy to other noble families.

"Didn't anyone help and tell the truth?" I asked Lina.

Our family has made many friends in the past. The Knoxx surname has a big influence especially on military power because we are a race of generals.

"There are many who want to help general knoxx, Young miss. But it's hard to fight the Royal family." said Lina who widened my eyes.

"Royal family? They did it all?" I asked him.

I suddenly remembered Luke’s last words. 'Stop it already, you can't do anything'

Is Luke also behind all this?

"No one knows young miss, But I have a strong suspicion that the king is afraid because of the size of the influence of the Knoxx family and he is afraid that at any time the throne could be taken from him so there is a good chance that he is the mastermind of all this."

I suddenly laughed to myself.

To think that I knelt in front of the palace for three days to beg the king to help my father but he was also the mastermind of everything. How cruel. The king and the crown prince luke, doesn't deserve to be the ruler of this nation.

"ALISSA!" I almost jumped in panic when I heard mama's voice from the door.

"Mama." I smiled at her.

He ran towards me and hugged me tightly but I was suddenly surprised instead of happy because when I woke up mama suddenly cried.

I pulled away from her embrace and looked into her eyes that were now red and swollen and I was sure she had been crying before.

"What's wrong?" I asked her.

Mama shook her head before smiling at me sadly. "Yout papa, today is his execution."

Suddenly I was stunned and tried to understand what mama said. I suddenly stood up and walked straight out of the room when mama suddenly stopped me.

I tried to pull my arm that mama was holding but she tightened her grip on me even more. "Let me go, I'll go save father myself."

"There's nothing right Alissa can do, this is the decision of the king himself." cried mama said.

I bit my lower lip. Lina was right, it was all the king's doing, and I wouldn't be surprised if she also conspired with Luke to refuse to help me.

"Then I'll just kill him." I said even though I knew in myself that my ability was weak and I had no opponent against the thousands of guards protecting the royal family.

"Alissa!" mama pulled me up and held me in both arms.

"Promise me you won't do anything stupid."

I didn't say anything, I couldn't promise him that I would do nothing and just watch them kill papa who did nothing wrong.

"Alissa" mama called again. "Please, if you find out, maybe I'll lose you too"

My bite was pressed to my lip before I slowly looked back at mama. "Promise me, you won't do anything."

"I can't just let him die" I said. My tears are already forming.

"me neither, but we can't do anything now. It's too late."" Mama hugged me tightly. "Even your dad's friends in high positions didn't do anything ... So please Alissa, I don't want to lose you too."

I buried my face in mama's chest and nodded. I won't do anything ... for now.

"The execution will happen in two hours in the middle of the plaza ..." My hand went numb when I heard where the execution would take place. In Plaza De Rinos, the execution of those accused of treason is often carried out where the whole town can watch the execution.

"I'll go" I said before parting with mama. I want to see the events in person. I want to see who are the people who have the courage to watch papa executed without feeling guilty.

Mom sighed. "Alright, but I can't be with you. I can't see the events."

I nodded to him before entering the cr to take a shower and get dressed. When I came out, I saw my idiot mama still in my room while sitting on my bed.

I approached mama and said goodbye before hugging her tightly. And I had no idea, that was our last meeting.

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