Chapter One :Chapter 1

A desolate small town in Micruwood.

In the dim dungeon, Rose was chained to a chair, her body covered in whip and knife wounds. Diana Irwin had used all the punishments she could think of on her, enjoying the sight of her in agony yet refraining from killing her.

Now, Diana looked down at her, sneering, "Rose, the famous ace assassin, has met her match, hasn't she?"

She picked up the dagger on the table, severing Rose's right wrist tendons with a swift cut.

"Ah!" Rose screamed out, gasping for air and stuttering, "Why? Why do you have to do this to me?"

"Because you're just a contemptible servant, a mere pawn of the Abyss. Nathan Barnes is mine! This is what becomes of anyone who tries to seduce my man!"

Diana plunged the dagger viciously into Rose's thigh, twisting it. Her thigh was instantly a bloody mess.

"Listen well, Nathan and I will soon get engaged, and your trusted allies in the Abyss will be rooted out by me. And you, a nameless orphan, will be forgotten by everyone!" Diana said maliciously.

"That's not true. Nathan wouldn't allow it!" Rose shook her head.

Diana's subordinates threw a teenage boy into the dungeon. It was Mike, Rose's younger brother whom she had raised alone. Diana shot Mike in the leg. Rose screamed, "No! No! Leave him be!"

"Kneel down! Kneel and beg me!" Diana commanded.

With a thud, Rose knelt on the ground, kowtowing heavily, "Miss Irwin, I'm sorry! I was delusional. I'm not good enough for Mr. Barnes! Please spare my little brother!"

Diana laughed heartily in delight, then-

"Bang!" A bullet pierced Mike's head.

"No! Diana! I'll kill you! I'll kill you!" Rose screamed in despair.

"Ha, kill me?" Diana sneered.

"Boom!" Another gunshot hit Rose in the chest.

Rose fell helplessly and heard Diana's voice from the distance, "Want revenge? Dream on! Cut her face and throw her into the jungle to feed the wolves!"

Rose could feel the cold blade sliding across her cheek, then she was thrown into the forest like garbage. No one would come to save her in the complex terrain of Micruwood.

In this life, she was too trusting of a man and deserved to die horribly. However, if she had a second chance at life, she would definitely find Diana and grind her to dust!

"Hiss-" Rose held her head and sat up with a headache. What caught her sight was the environment of a hospital room. She struggled to sit up with what felt like a thousand pounds on her body. After what felt like a struggle to move to the bathroom, she couldn't help but scream out loud upon seeing herself in the mirror.

"Ah!" The face in the mirror was still hers, but what was with this swollen, pig-like face? She pinched the flesh on her belly. She weighed at least 200 pounds!

Then she checked the medical case file next to the hospital bed. It clearly read, Felicity Lindsey, 18, female, concussion.

Damn it! Who was Felicity?

An influx of memories belonging to Felicity poured into her mind. Felicity was the least cherished daughter of the Lindsey family. Her mother passed away early, and her father Elliot Lindsey married her stepmother Lauren Lindsey. They had a son, Jacob Lindsey, and two daughters, Scarlett Lindsey and Kendra Lindsey. Felicity, the third in line, was the most redundant in this family. She was weak and sickly since childhood and her academic performance was poor, so her family didn't value her.

To sum it up, she was not loved by her father, and her Grandpa was disappointed in her. She was plagued by self-indulgence, weak and incapable.

Rose took a deep sigh. Being reborn in such a body was helpless. In her previous life, she was a proud, aloof, top-notch assassin with an exceptionally attractive figure.

Even when she was in her prime, she was brutally defeated by Diana in Micruwood. Now, how could this chubby high school girl possibly compare to Diana?

Rose pulled out her phone and searched for the Abyss online. The news of Nathan and Diana's engagement was posted on the top. Diana stood bashfully by Nathan's side, while he smiled and said, "I will protect the person I love..." The media all praised them as a match made in heaven.

Humph! A match made in heaven?

Nathan had promised her that her trip to Micruwood would be her last mission, and he would remove her name from the list of the assassins, living with her till they died.

But what about the result?

Her every movement in Micruwood was as clear as day to Diana. Diana wanted her to be tormented to death, yet Nathan got engaged to Diana immediately.

Rose clenched her fists tightly. "Nathan! Diana! Since I'm not dead, I'll definitely make you pay!

"You killed my younger brother, cut my hand tendons, ane destroyed my looks!

"I will take revenge, making you pay for each as Felicity!

"Starting from now, I will make Felicity rise from the Lindsey family!"

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