Chapter One :Chapter 1

On the city's speed limit road, a red Ferrari wrapped car was running at a high speed, completely ignoring the traffic rules. The handing-in department on the way turned a blind eye to it.

Squeak, there was a pleasant braking sound. The sexy sports car stopped at the entrance of the dancing world in a high-profile way.

In the Meiwu world, it was a membership system. It was one of the best entertainment places in the world. The customers who had not led the way were rejected and their land was full of money.

A pair of shiny, black Italian hand-made leather shoes appeared in everyone's sight. A black suit wrapped around the strong figure of the man, giving him a gentle and beautiful feeling.

It was a kind of beauty that could conquer everything. That kind of shocking aura was enough to make one's soul tremble just by raising one's eyebrows.

The hidden collar of the white shirt was open casually. Under the neon light, it gave people a pleasant feeling. It was a kind of beauty of human art.

The man raised his chin in an arrogant manner and looked at the words "Meiwu World" with an arrogant look. There was a trace of confidence in his black eyes, which perfectly showed his temperament.

Her hair fluttered slightly, and the corners of her lips lifted slightly. She threw the car key away and said, "Stop."

The two simple words showed infinite aggressiveness. Just these two words gave people a sense of coldness.

At this time, a woman with heavy makeup got out of the front passenger seat of the sports car. This woman was quite similar to a superstar who had been popular all over the country recently.

The woman clung to the man's arm like a little bird and walked into the world of dancing in an extremely flamboyant way. It was a sense of superiority above everything, which made the woman always have a smile on the corner of her mouth, giving her a feeling of floating.

Wherever they passed, everyone stuck it out. They were all extremely respectful, but they didn't dare make the slightest sound to disturb this male.

He just glanced coldly at the crowd around him, gave an indifferent expression, and walked straight into the elevator.

Among the crowd, there were some important officials of the country, but when they saw this man, they were all solemn and respectful, and their eyes were full of respect.

In the top-level private room, the man reached out and pushed the door open. Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at the person at the door.

An Dazzlinghao couldn't help but take a sip of a goblet filled with red wine. He raised his eyebrows and inadvertently said to Leng Junxi beside him, "Big Brother has changed his female companion again."

The man's movements were elegant and seductive. Countless women who wanted to get close to him were stopped by his sharp eyes.

A meaningful smile appeared on Leng Junxi's face. He looked at the shy woman behind Han Xifeng and said, "Sister-in-law, please come and sit down."

As soon as he called her sister-in-law, a thorough chill came out of Han Xifeng's body. She glared at Leng Junxi and sat down on one side of the private room.

The other man on the leather sofa moved a little. He raised his eyebrows and glanced at the woman at the door. "Big brother, at least you should greet someone else."

Han Xifeng leaned on the sofa lazily and said slowly, "It's for you."

All of a sudden, the man's face was full of black lines. Only their big brother didn't take women seriously. Even if he was a superstar, he would give her away as a gift.

Unfortunately, no one dared to accept Han Xifeng's gift.

"Well, Big Brother, you'd better stay and enjoy it."

Looking at the man's red face, a charming smile appeared on the corner of Han Xifeng's mouth, which caused an uproar among all the men present.

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