Chapter One :Chapter 1

  Early summer.

  Fang Cheng, City People's Hospital, Neurosurgery Department.

  Qin Ze had been lying in bed for half a year, but he still didn't wake up.

  In a coma, he entered a mysterious space and suddenly found an elder dressed in a long robe, who was stroking his beard, walking toward him with a smile.

  The old man was kind-eyed and his eyes were bright. Although his hair was gray, there was no trace of age on his face, and he looked energetic.

  "Young man, life has always been a bumpy and winding road with thorns everywhere. Don't be unable to recover because of this rough road... Fate is free to make arrangements. Only the wise, the brave, and those with great perseverance can overcome these obstacles and sweep away these obstacles. In the end, one can achieve a great cause..."

  "When people encounter setbacks, they can't escape all the time. They must get up and find the motivation to move forward through these difficulties. Then, they can find new hope in the confusion and face it with pleasure..."

  "Who is it?" The voice came closer and closer.

  "Who are you?" Qin Ze was confused.

  "Haha..." The elder gave a vicissitudinous smile.

  "I'm Perfected Immortal Ziyun. From now on, you're my disciple and you'll receive my impartation. You must remember that you'll help the world, help the good, and help the good. I've passed on the impartation to you..."

  "Ha ha ha..."

  The old man suddenly threw his head back and laughed. Between his eyes, a golden light burst out, and the light cut through the dark sky.

  "Boom..." A deafening thunder sounded in the sky, as if the sky was going to collapse and the earth was going to crack.


  Following which, a powerful current of electricity struck Qin Ze's head. In an instant, he felt a splitting headache and his head felt like it was going to explode.

  "Ah, my head..." Qin Ze's body was instantly stimulated. He subconsciously held his head tightly, hoping to get better, but it was of no use.

  The heart-wrenching pain made him feel as if he was about to die. His body went limp and he fainted, instantly losing his consciousness.

  Her mind was blank and her nerves were broken.

  During this period of unconsciousness, Qin Ze's body underwent tremendous changes.

  After god-knows-how-long, his vision flickered between light and darkness. Qin Ze's hands unconsciously pressed on his temples, and only then did he wake up completely from his coma.

  "Am I still alive?"

  Qin Ze thought that he was dead, but he didn't expect that he was still alive. He was stunned for a while and looked around blankly. What he saw was a strange environment, and his consciousness gradually became clear.

  "A hospital? A ward? This is a hospital!"

  Looking at the time, it was six o'clock in the morning. Rubbing his dizzy head, he began to think about the strange scene that happened in a coma.

  "The elder? The Purple Ling Inheritance?"

  "The Inheritance of Purple Cloud? The old man?"

  "The Ziling heritage that I got has many supernatural abilities, not only the history of traditional Chinese medicine, but also a collection of herbs, decoctions, acupunctures, divinations, geomantic skills, geomancy, and the knowledge of astronomy and geography..."

  After thinking about it over and over again, for a long time, he finally had an idea in his mind. He felt that everything was so unreal.

  "Is it possible that I've been in a coma for too long and have an illusion?"

  He was doubtful, but the next moment, he shook his head and said, "No, it can't be true, but the old man's words are still fresh in his memory, and it doesn't seem to be false!"

  "What's going on?"

  Qin Ze's head was in a mess and his mind was in a mess. With a flash of inspiration, he scratched his head. Following the old man's instructions, he started trying to get rid of all distractions, calm his mind, and regulate his breathing...

  A moment later, he only felt a warm current attacking his limbs and bones. There was a strong power circulating back and forth in his body. This inexplicable power made him instantly full of energy, and at the same time, he was very happy, as if he had been purified and cut into the bones.

  A few minutes later, the aching pain all over his back was swept away in an instant. Qin Ze was overjoyed and only then did he make sure that it was true.

  He secretly made up his mind that he must make good use of the inheritance to not let the old man down. At the same time, this unique technique would play a role in the road of revenge in the future.

  Half a year ago, the Qin family encountered an unprecedented change. Their father died in a car accident, and his whole life's work was devoted. The Hua Ke Pharmaceutical Industry Company changed its name. The villa and the luxury car were occupied by traitors.

  Following closely, his mother suddenly died of a sudden illness. The Qin family was ruined and disappeared in the ruins of the square city overnight.

  It seemed accidental, but it was definitely not accidental. There was another mystery in it.

  He almost lost his life in a car accident, which could be counted as a close shave, and he had been sleeping for half a year.

  All the things that happened half a year ago were vivid in Qin Ze's mind.

  A deep hatred flashed in his eyes, and he clenched his hands into fists. He was furious, and his eyes were full of anger and hatred.

  "I, Qin Ze, will take this revenge. If I don't take revenge, I swear I will not be a man. God does not want me to die. I will definitely make them pay for what they have done..."

  "Creak..." The door of the ward was pushed open and a woman came in.

  The woman's shoulder-length hair was black and beautiful, hanging vertically and naturally down to her shoulders. She was wearing a white bow-shaped lace and a V-necked dress. She looked gentle and elegant, and her sexy figure was even more vividly shown.

  She was fair-skinned, had brows that were embroidered in light colors, a high nose bridge, and thin, ruddy lips. She was exquisite and beautiful.

  Her eyes were as clear as the spring water. There was nature's charm in her eyes.

  At first glance, the woman was like a budding lily. She was beautiful but not evil, simple and beautiful, like a fairy elder sister.

  "Sister Yuxin!"

  "Ah, Xiaoze, you woke up?" The woman was shocked.

  This woman, Liu Yuxin, was 25 years old. At the age of 19, she worked as a nanny in the Qin family and was three years older than Qin Ze.

  "Wonderful, you're finally awake..."

  Seeing Qin Ze wake up, Liu Yuxin was so happy that her eyes were filled with tears of excitement. She quickly stepped forward and held Qin Ze's hand. The tears fell down like a string of broken pearls.

  "Sister Yuxin, why are you here?"

  Qin Ze was confused. He could vaguely remember that after the incident at home, Liu Yuxin had returned to her hometown to develop.

  "The thing is like this..."

  Liu Yuxin did not hide anything. She told Qin Ze the whole story in detail.

  In fact, after leaving the Qin Family, Liu Yuxin had always been worried about Qin Ze. She did not go home, but chose to stay in Fang City. When she learned that Qin Ze had a car accident, she rushed to the hospital as soon as possible.

  On the night of the car accident, the driver of the accident escaped and Qin Ze was thrown down by his girlfriend.

  Because of the maintenance of the surveillance equipment in the accident, the case ended up with nothing definite. Liu Yuxin worked while taking care of Qin Ze. Because she was born in the countryside and had no skills, she only worked in the hotel and suffered a lot in the past six months.

  Fortunately, Liu Yuxin was beautiful and capable. After working in the hotel, she worked hard, worked hard, and worked hard. Her income was not bad, and she could barely survive.

  For the past six months, it was all thanks to Liu Yuxin. She had never given up on Qin Ze.

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