Chapter One :Chapter 1

"Your Majesty, all thirty of the individuals who participated in the slaughter of the Chu family are now present for your judgement."

Suzhou, Cloud Peak Mountain.

The atmosphere was ominous; lightning and thunder permeated the air.

Chu Lingfeng eyed the thirty top-tier assassins kneeling before him with bloodshot eyes, an almost tangible intent to kill radiating from his being.

The absolute pressure he radiated kept the thirty high-ranking assassins petrified, their heads ducked low in fear, terrified beyond words.

"Esteemed Lord Ling Tian, I was wrong. Please, we've renounced our past, with elders to take care of and little ones to raise. I apologize, bowing in regret to the one hundred and eight ancestors of the Chu family."

The assassins sobbed and begged, knocking their heads fervently against the ground in a desperate plea for mercy. The sound, 'thump, thump', echoed against the stilled air as blood soaked the ground.

Pain was trivial compared to the horrific man standing before them.

A murderous glint flashed across Chu Lingfeng's crimson orbs.

In a swift motion, he reached forward, wrenching off the head of the man before him. The cold, venomous words left his lips with heart-stopping intensity.

"When you took the lives of the one hundred and eight members of my Chu family, did you ever consider that they, too, had families to care for?"

The decapitated head of the man rolled to rest before the remaining assassins, eerily unblinking in death.

Shivers of pure fear took over their bodies as they bore witness to the shocking display of brutal authority.

"Lord Ling Tian, it was the four major families that employed us back then. We could make up for our crimes, I can start with wiping out every person from these four families today!"


Chu Lingfeng bellowed in fury, the energy in his voice making all those present spit out blood with a “puh”. Terror silenced them.

His gaze, full of murderous intent, swept across the faces of the crowd, his voice cold as ice.

“The Four Great Families deserve to die, and so do all of you. Those who massacred my Chu family, I will make them repent in the underworld one by one!”

With that, he raised his hand, his men drew their long knives and struck!

Screams filled the air, severed heads rolled on the ground, blood staining the earth. Not even the rain could wash it away.

Chu Lingfeng, after the last blade fell, could no longer hold back. His body trembled uncontrollably. He raised his head to the heavens, blood streaming from his eyes.

"Dad, Mom, do you see? Your son has returned to avenge you!"

Eight years ago, his elder brother, who was always away, informed the family that he would bring his girlfriend home.

Their Chu family, although not a well-known family, was well-off and happy.

On that day, the father called a bunch of relatives, and the mother and nanny Wang Yi bought groceries early in the morning. Everyone carefully prepared to welcome the new member of the Chu family.

The whole Chu family was immersed in joy.

However, what they welcomed was a terrified man, a group of black-clothed assassins, and the news of his elder brother’s death!

Immediately after, the Chu family was massacred!

That year, he was only fifteen. His mother locked him in the cupboard, urging him to cover his mouth and nose. He watched, eyes wide open, as his father was strangled to death, his mother's clothes torn, and they humiliated her.

At that moment, his tears fell like rain, with unbearable pain, he vowed to take revenge!

However, his livelihood was cut off by a massive fire. Were it not for a stranger named Lin Qian, who saved him, his family, the Chu clan, would have been completely annihilated on that day.

After six months of recuperation at Lin Qian's home, he set off by himself to seek revenge for the calamity that befell his family.

However, at that time, he was too weak and was chased by a black-garbed assassin all the way to a mountaintop. Preferring death to surrender, he leapt off the cliff.

He thought he was surely going to die. Yet, heaven never seals off all existences. His master saved him and passed on to him a supreme martial art technique!

Three years ago, he topped the global assassin leaderboard and was given the title "The Honored One."

In the same year, he established the Assassin's Palace. In just three years, the Assassin's Palace had become the top assassin organization globally, striking fear into people's hearts with just the mention of its name.

"Dear Leader, where do you plan to go next?" his subordinate asked with concern.

A hint of tenderness appeared in the eyes of Chu Lingfeng, "Eight years ago, when I left, I didn't say goodbye to Lin Qian. Now that I am back, I should go and apologize to her."


Meanwhile, in a villa in Suzhou.

A red Maserati stops at the gate of the residential area.

The woman in the driver's seat was curvy, with a delicate face. She was Lin Qian, the woman who saved Chu Lingfeng's life.

But at this moment, Lin Qian's brows were furrowed as a black Benz blocked her car's path.

The owner of the car, a sleazy-looking man, got out of the car and leered at Lin Qian standing before him.

"Ah, Qian, I finally caught up with you."

Lin Qian flung open the car door with an icy countenance, her gaze filled with warning.

"Zhou Bin, move your car. You can't afford to hold me up."

Zhou Bin was her fellow condominium owner and also the head of a tech company.

Ever since she moved in, Zhou Bin had assumed her to be a woman maintained by wealthy men, constantly pestering her.

Today, he even blocked her car, barring her from entering the complex.

Slapping his greasy belly, Zhou Bin chuckled, "Little Qian, I make tens of millions a month. What is it that I cannot afford to delay? Anybody waiting for you at home?"

His gaze held an implied meaning as he scrutinized Lin Qian before stretching out a card.

"Little Qian, I won't beat around the bush with you. There are three million in this card. I bet your sponsor can't give you this much in a month. All I ask is for you to accompany me for a week and this money is yours. What do you say?"

As he spoke, he licked his lips, ogling Lin Qian greedily.

What a stunner, what a physique, truly a beauty beyond compare.

Lin Qian shuddered at his gaze and countered by delivering a heavy slap to Zhou Bin's face.

"Get lost!"

Zhou Bin stumbled backward from the force, his temper flaring. He reached out a hand, grabbing Lin Qian's arm and pushing her against the car.

"Damn you woman! You're repaying kindness with rudeness and dare to raise your hand against me. A sugar baby pretending to be innocent! "

"Do you believe that even if I were to take you here and now, no one would dare to stop me?! Ask them, dare they stop me?!"

Zhou Bin roared at the security guards in the residential complex, making them all look away awkwardly, pretending they hadn't seen anything.

The homeowners here were people they couldn't afford to offend, it was better not to draw trouble upon themselves at this time.

Upon seeing this, Lin Qian immediately became anxious.

Due to the physical disparity between men and women, Zhou Bin easily pushed her into the backseat of the car, pinning her hands down, all the while wearing a lecherous grin on his face.

"Don't struggle, Qian. Today, I'm going to get a little thrill right here in this car!"

Lin Qian's hands were restrained, and a look of despair surfaced on her face. She had let her guard down today.

As Zhou Bin's smelly lips were about to land on hers, she felt nauseated to her very core.


Just then, a loud noise erupted.

Zhou Bin was startled, his flesh jiggling as he turned his head to see what had occurred.

The front of his new car was dented, and a young man wearing a grey T-shirt was staring at him with a cold gaze.

Lin Qian's eyes lit up in an instant, her tone filled with relief.

"Xiao Feng, you're back!"

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