Chapter One :Chapter 1

Yan Chenchen woke up on a strange bed, her mind a mess.

Through the seemingly endless night, she faded in and out of consciousness, feeling as though she was in a dream.

A dim light was on in the room and through her hazy vision, she saw a man standing before her, putting on his clothes piece by piece.

The muscles on his back were lean and powerful, and his physique was just right with well-defined contours. Added to that was a lengthy scar, an indelible mark enough to draw attention.

A man...

Wait, this man!

In a blink, Yan Chenchen fully woke up.

Almost acting on impulse, she grabbed her bedding and began to scoot toward the foot of the bed.

The man's attention was drawn by the faint noise. Turning around, a smile tugged at the corners of his mouth as he reached out and pulled her back.

"I told you before, running is useless."

The man bent down to her level, grabbed her chin, and planted a kiss.

His thin lips rubbed against hers, which were shut tight in resistance. His hot breath sprayed on her cheeks, a surge of male pheromones so strong that her stomach churned in nausea.

Yan Chenchen remembered then.

This man was a pervert!

This man, he...he assaulted her!

Last night, she unexpectedly ran into this unfamiliar man while jogging in the night. He first tricked her by pretending to be lost, then took advantage of her unpreparedness, and lured her into this room, where they ended up spending the night together.

Throughout the night, her name being Yan Chenchen, experienced pain till she fainted, waking up afterwards countless times. Under his hands, she was forced to complete her transition from a girl to a woman.

It wasn't that she did not resist; but every time she tried to fight back, he would threaten to kill her. So, in order to preserve her life, all she could do was obey.

Just like now. No matter how nauseating this kiss was, she had to endure and accept it.

"Mmm... sweet."

As the kiss ended, the man curled his lips towards her, a satisfied smile plastered across his face.

The sweetness lingering on her lips suited the man's appetite.

He was quite satisfied.

"Let me warn you," he said to minimize unnecessary trouble, "Keep what happened last night a secret, if you don't want trouble."

Chenchen obediently nodded her agreement.

However, she couldn't possibly keep that secret.

She had decided long ago, just as soon as she could escape, she would immediately contact the police! She would accuse him of illegally threatening and raping a woman!

"Good girl, hmm..."

The man's index finger traced her porcelain-like cheek, as his hawk-like eyes studied her minutely.

She had an oval face, long and high-set nose, apricot-shaped eyes, youthful eyebrows. The touch of maturity in her demeanor resembled a half-bloomed white lily…

He was satisfied with his appearance.

"Very good." He laughed, the half-rogue, half-gentle smile hidden in the darkness added a touch of eeriness. "Let me tell you, I'm quite satisfied with you."

When he said this, it was as if he was grading her unilaterally.

Yan Chenchen felt a chill in her heart, mixed with curses.

Pervert, such a total pervert!

"Alright, it's daylight. I should leave."

Finally, he stood up again, continued dressing, put on his trousers, his robust muscles concealed, which allowed Yan Chenchen to breathe a sigh of relief.

"By the way..."

Before leaving, the man turned to look at her. Seeing her shrink on the bed, curled up under the blanket like a small lamb, seemingly scared of him.

Mmm... she's very naive, just to his liking!

Really, no matter how you look at it, he's satisfied.

Suddenly, a wicked grin curled at the corners of his thin lips.

"Next time we meet, I'll give you a surprise."

The next time they meet, Yan Chenchen hopes it's at the police station!

After saying this, the man put on his duckbill hat and left the room discreetly.

As soon as he left, Yan Chenchen got off the bed right after him.

Enduring the numb and severe pain from her lower body, she frantically grabbed her clothes and put them on, her wide eyes constantly darting towards the door, showing extreme alertness.

After hurriedly gathering her things, Yan Chenchen escaped from this room.

It was already daytime. She had been held hostage for an entire night.

After escaping, she ran for her life. After some time, she saw a small shop.

In a great rush, she burst into the shop, "Help, quickly give me a phone, I need to call the police!"

The lady behind the counter was so frightened that she immediately pushed over the phone, and stayed away from Yan Chenchen.

She dialed 110...

"I...I want to report a crime...I....I was raped."

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