Chapter One :Chapter 1

  "No, uncle, I beg you, this is the bookcase that my dad bought. Don't move it." Xiao Mi Nai pulled a man's sleeve and said crisply.

  The man who was called uncle pushed her away and said, "Go away. Your parents are dead. What's the use of keeping these things? If we sell the mahogany furniture now, we can sell them at a good price."

  Her aunt began to clean up the jewelry on the dressing table neatly, and she even put her mother's unfinished cosmetics into her pocket.

  The second uncle, who was moving the TV, also said, "Big brother, we have a deal. If we sell this house, each of our family will get half of the profit."

  "Half it is, but who takes these pieces of furniture will be the one to take it."

  The six-year-old Mi Nai was staring at the family members who she used to call uncle and uncle, like robbers moving things from her family.

  "No, it's my mom's necklace. You can't take it away!" Mi Nai rushed forward to stop her.

  How could her small body get rid of an adult? "Get out of my way. Now these things are ours. Although your surname is Mi, you are adopted by your parents."

  Mi Nai was holding a pearl necklace in his hand. As the two of them were tugging at each other, the pearl necklace broke and fell to the ground.

  "Mama's necklace..." Mi Nai knelt on the ground and picked up the necklaces one by one.

  The big aunt was so angry that she kicked her. "You stupid thing. You broke such a good necklace. Do you know how much it costs for Pearl?"

  Xiao Mi Nai's body was kicked to the side, and his head hit the corner of the sofa and he fainted.

  Second Uncle quickly came over to have a look. "Fortunately, I'm just dizzy. If I die because of you, it's just a necklace."

  "It's easy to say. Such a big pearl costs more than 2,000 yuan per piece, and a whole piece costs more than 20,000 yuan. Mi Nai's mother is really happy."

  "The third brother and his wife unfortunately died in a car accident, leaving Mi Nai alone. Elder brother, you're the eldest. From now on, Mi Nai will live in your house." Second Uncle's mother picked up a few pearls without anyone noticing and put them in her own pocket.

  The eldest aunt glared at him. "Following us is easier said than done. Our two sons and one daughter are already enough to bear the burden. You only have one daughter in your family. It's better to do it with you."

  "It's not as easy as you said. We have to support the old people on both sides."

  "It's not easy for either of you. I'll go with you."

  "And I'll still go with you..."

  Rumble! A thunder woke up Mi Nai. He opened his eyes and saw that the room was in a mess.

  All the furniture had been moved away, leaving some useless debris. Mi Nai struggled to his feet and picked up the little bear that had been trampled on by others.

  "Dad, mom..." She called softly, but no one responded to her.

  She held the bear in her arms and walked out of the empty house. She stood at the intersection in a daze. For a moment, she didn't know where she should go.

  A top off-road vehicle stopped not far away, and the driver said respectfully, "Young master, that little girl's home is in front of us."

  Warstar, who was seated at the back seat, was dressed in a straight military uniform. His aura was as cold as ice, his features were deep, and the lines of his delicate face were cold and tight.

  An air of arrogance and arrogance emanated from his body as he casually sat down at the back. He was like a king, making one want to bow down and bow down in submission.

  Zhan Xing sharp eyes looked to the near distance, where a little girl in a white dress was crying with a miserable face.

  The tears on Miso's jade-carving face were like broken beads of beads rolling down.

  A pair of thick military boots stopped in front of Little Mi Nai. Battle Xing slowly squatted in front of Little Mi Nai and slowly raised his small chin with a thin, callused palm.

  The cold voice came word by word like an order. "Don't cry."

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